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  1. ANDROID 13 vs VILE

    ●RULES : •speed is =; •Random encounter; •This is base android 13 ; •super android 13 is restricted ; •They will start at 50 meters away ; A.13 : VILE : Goku SOLOS BOTH ( INCON ) :
  2. Supersonicstyle13

    E-123 Omega vs Vile (Megaman X)

    Rules: No Prep 25 Feet away from each other Nuteral setting Bloodlust on.
  3. BruceTheBatman

    Vile vs Axl

    Could Axl take Vile on his own? Win via anything
  4. Clyde_McReady

    Vile and Redips vs Copy X and Guardians

    Let's say that the duo comes back after the Maverick wars by a third party against Neo Arcadia and they go there to get even with Copy X thinking he's the original. Vile is as he was in X8 and Redips is in base form, though he can transform into his Great form if needed. They raid the shrine...
  5. Dragonmasterxyz

    A Purple Robot and a Yellow Cyborg Duke it out.

    Never did a Megaman vs Digimon match before. And this guy has to fight a Megaman chararacter as he looks like he belongs there. Megamon X vs Digimon The Purple Robot vs The Yellow Cyborg -Speed Equal -Both are 5 meters away from each other Fight!!!! The Purple Robot: 0 The Yellow Cyborg...
  6. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Reploid VS Bio-Android - Vile (Composite) VS Super-Perfect Cell

    Vile and Cell encounter eachother. Vile: You must be that bio-android that's been all over the news, huh? Cell: Correct, robot. And you are? Vile: That shouldn't matter to you! All I know is I'll kill you so I can resume my duties to myself! Cell: So be it...