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vehicular mastery

  1. Wokistan

    Vehicular Mastery and Large Vehicles

    TL;DR, how does vehicular mastery work on vehicles that are too big? The specific question came up with the issue of a ship captain. Unlike a car driver or even an aircraft pilot, the captain of the ship is much more like a managerial or administrative position to the extent it feels awkward to...
  2. Flashlight237

    Minor Spongebob CRT: The Strangest Resistance Ever

    Okay, so... Hear me out. Spongebob should get Resistance to Vehicular Mastery. I know what you're thinking... WHUUUHHHHHHH!!?!?!?!?!! And yeah, it's a crazy thing to have a resistance to, but... Hear me out. Most vehicles Spongebob handled are largely isolated incidents (blindfolded driving...
  3. Jamesthetaker

    Asking about a type of truck

    Are there any car-savvy members who could tell me what kind of truck is in this video?
  4. SilentLyfe

    Some Minor Stuff - RWBY

    Honestly should have combined this with my previous thread instead of making it so specific but didn't really realize these were needed until taking a closer look at the profiles. Okay first, the Gods should have Interdimensional range with Dimensional Travel, since they can go between realms...
  5. Gewsbumpz_dude

    Slappy's Vehicular Usage

    Looking at this in hindsight, this isn't really a power and should be removed. Not like it really added anything to his page.
  6. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Revision of Vehicular Mastery and Water Walking and adding new powers

    Writing this down so I won't forget it later. I'd like to revise the skill of Vehicular Mastery into something else that fits the description of following skill. The placeholder name for it will be Transportation Mastery, but anyone can suggest a better title if they want. The description can...
  7. Yobo_Blue

    Power and Ability Image Replacement Discussion

    I think the current one on the Vehicular Mastery page is a bit dry, for example. Any suggestions? I have a few possible ones. There are a lot of powers like that. That's just one example
  8. LordGriffin1000

    Slowest Truck Speed?

    Heard some of the slowest trucks can go 60 MPH would that be a good basis to use for a character outrunning a truck?.
  9. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Agent 47 CRT

    So I just got the latest Hitman game and I enjoyed it, and this is just going to be a simple ability addition thread. Agent 47 should have: - Vehicular Mastery. He can drive many kinds of vehicles and has lots of knowledge about them, knowing how to sabotage them to make versatile and stealthy...