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vandheer lorde

  1. Firephoenixearl

    Armed With Wings Regenerationn and Blessing.

    1. Network should have Regenerationn, Mid-Godly via being capable of coming back after being completely annihalated by Blackmist. 2. Vandheer Lorde should have Regenerationn Negation (Mid Godly) for being able to prevent people from being resurrected byBlackmist. The blades of eden can destroy...
  2. Firephoenixearl

    Vandheer Lorde vs Vergil

    Ok so. I wanted to do AWW vs DMC so this is the only match that came to mind. Vergil Let's see how you fight against true power. Vs Vandheer Lorde Another man tries to oppose me. 3-A Vandheer Lorde Speed Equal since Vandheer is a complete unknown in terms of speed Otherwise SBA Plot...
  3. The_King_of_Prudence

    Vandheer Lorde versus Dark King

    Both low 2-C, speed equalised. Vandheer Lorde: 7 (Firephoenixearl, Iapitus The Impaler, Ogbunabali, Konaguna, Jordanbairdcreaturemaster97, Schnee One, Ionliosite) Dark King: Inconclusive:
  4. Firephoenixearl

    Major Armed With Wings Revisions

    So after playing the game several times, i got down to checking the verse. And first of all Blackmist needs a profile. I will post all the scans i got. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/347846493958438924/570641640117501993/unknown.png?width=500&height=282...
  5. Konaguna

    Blades of Eden

    shouldn't the blades of Eden be an OHK weapon? and shouldn't they negate resurrection since they can cut the blackmist itself?
  6. Creaturemaster971

    A Blackmist Tyrant vs a Bloody Hunter

    Vandheer Lorde vs the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst. Both at 8-C. Battle takes place in an open, rocky field. Vandheer doesn't have access to the Red Moon or Blades of Eden. Standard Battle Assumptions apply.
  7. Creaturemaster971

    Wouldn't it be better if we had categories for more specific tiers?

    Minor issue, and one that's more just a slight peeve of mine, but it always gets very tedious that the categories are all things like "Tier 8" and "Tier 7", but nothing more specific like "Tier 7-B" or "Tier 8-A", which makes it harder to come up with good matchups.