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vali lucifer

  1. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Highschool DxD (Battle for 9th strongest 7-A non-smurf)

    So there are 3 Highschool DxD characters who are placed 9th for strongest non-smurf 7-A, those 3 being Issei, Rias, and Vali. So I thought why not have a little fun and throw my boy Johnny at them to test (no pun intended) the waters a bit? Just a quick note that this will not, and I will...
  2. 00potato

    Tourney Match: Lucifer Vs Percy.

    Same rules as the others. Percy was recommended and should be represented by Daddybrawl and Lucy by Pheonosk. I will allow the curse of Achilles and a small body of water in the center if Brawl wants it and Vali’s second 6-C key. This is probably one of the more thematic matches honestly. The...
  3. Ionliosite

    High School DxD Universe Discussion Thread

    This thread is the place to discuss everything related to the DxD Universe, from the original series to Shin to SLASHDOG.
  4. WeeklyBattles

    Battle for Low 6-B: Mordekaiser vs Vali Lucifer

    Base Mordekaiser and Diabolos Dragon Lucifer. In character, no prior knowledge or prep time, speed equalized. Who wins? Mordekaiser - 0 Vali Lucifer - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  5. RoboVolcano4

    Speed is Key (DxD High Tier Speed)

    So, from a previous board (https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3153100?useskin=oasis), there was talk about how Vali should be upgraded to moving FTL due to him being far faster than a member of Sairaorg's peerage who was calculated at having subrelativistic speed...
  6. Ionliosite

    High School DxD Low-Balls

    In all honesty, the pages for this verse are extremely filled with low-balls, like the AP of the God Tiers to the speed of most of the verse. So I'm going to point out some of the problems here: Ophis, Great Red & 666's Tier The strongest characters of this verse, 666, Great Red and Ophis, are...
  7. GoodDaySir

    DXD Brawl

    Dunno if this is allowed but whatever. Pseudo DXD Issei vs DXD L Vali. Ddraig is busy dealing with the rest of Vali's team. Starting distance 20 meter. Breast BOI : Ass BOI :
  8. Wokistan

    Liliana Vess vs Vali Lucifer

    I was told to do this by earl so don't blame me if it doesn't work Both Low 6-B, Liliana can amp to 4-A if she wants (she probably doesn't want this) Speed equal Start 300m away from one another in Sentinel Prime Liliana Vess: Vali Lucifer: Inconclusive:
  9. Hizack123

    What would happen if Issei do a fusion dance with Vali?

    1: what name and kind of personality they would get? 2: what kind of abilities set would they get? 3: how far would they go in DxD verse? Both are at they recently ver.
  10. Grimm999

    The Sons of Sparda V.S. Heavenly Dragons

    Dante and Vergil V.S. Issei and Vali DMC 3 Dante and Vergil Volume 9 Issei andVali
  11. Umutotako

    Issei's DXD form isn't on par with Sirzech

    "Like Issei's own Diabolos Dragon God form, this state puts Vali beyond the power of Super Devils like Rizevim Lucifer and Sirzechs, allowing him to obliterate entire mountains on his lonesome." just because DxD form beat Rizevim doesn't mean he's stronger than beelzebub and sirzech. its like...
  12. AppleLord

    Vali Lucifer vs Gerard Valkyrie

    Sorry Gerard but your time has come. Let see how you can get away from this battle. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Vali_Lucifer https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gerard_Valkyrie Everything is aloud. Location: Universe 6 & 7 Tournament Stage. Round 1: Speed Equal Round 2: Speed Unequal...
  13. GoodDaySir

    Upgrade for Highschool Dxd

    With the volume 21 is already done being translated, I feel like some character in dxd universe need some revision especially Hyoudou Issei and Vali Lucifer, because these two just perform some incredible feat. I am gonna start quantified some feat that Vali perform Vali's Feat within the...