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vaccine man

  1. Vaccine Man (OPM) VS Anpanman (Soreike! Anpanman)

    Speed equal, Anpanman is bloodlusted, head replacement is unavailable (round 1), head replacement is available (round 2)
  2. Mariogoods

    Orochi (King of Fighters) VS Vaccine Man

    Rule: 1. Vaccine Man is in his second form (at least 7-B) while Orochi is higher than Low 7-B. 2. SBA 3. Speed is equalized. Vote: Orochi (King of Fighters): 0 Vaccine Man: 1 (Phoenks) Inconclusive: 0
  3. GyroNutz

    Vaccine Man vs Dino-Rang

    Battle between the being born from Earth and the being of the Earth Element. Speed is equalized, Vaccine Man starts off in his base form but can transform, whereas Dino-Rang starts off in his elite form. Vaccine Man is casually 30 megatons, whereas Dino-Rang is 3x his base form, or 45...
  4. Qawsedf234

    Some OPM upgrades

    So this calc for Vaccine Ma has seemingly been accepted, which should result in the following upgrades Vaccine Man has his tiers changed to 7-B Now that's obvious, but a less obvious thing could be upgrading Orochi, GS, and possibly Boros Orochi's offical ranking is "Dragon or Above", the...
  5. Ryope

    One Punch Man's top tier upgrade?

    So Vaccine Man(a Dragon level monster) was able to make an enormous explosion which visual even from a distance of 20 km away . I still didn't find anyone here who can calc this feat but i feel like this can upgrade the top tier of the verse who above him(Tatsumaki Orochi etc)
  6. Quangotjokes

    Vaccine man, and Homeless Emperor Upgrade

    I believe Vaccine man, and HomelessEmperor should be upgraded to mountain considering it was stated that the attack that Choze shot was the same as their attacks, but they were doing them casually. Suiryu had a hard time deflecting it.
  7. SuperKamiNappa

    Vaccine Man vs. Carnage Kabuto

    Both at full power
  8. Trueinfinity

    Vaccine Man (aka Piccolo) vs Erza Scarlet

    R1: Erza in Heart Kreuz Armor R2: Erza in Heaven's Wheel Armor (Speed Equ.)
  9. HokageMangaVox

    Vaccine Man (OPM) vs Kugo Ginjo (Bleach)

    Vaccine Ma Vs. Kugo Ginjo with Bankai Location: Saitama's city Who wins and why?
  10. SomebodyData

    King Piccolo Vs Vaccine Man

    Everyone wants One Punch Man Vs Goku, but forget that! Conditions: -Setting: City -Bloodlusted -This is King Piccolo in his Old Self form