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  1. Bobsican

    Barney Vs. ExTyrannomon

    For the memes Speed equalized. The pink dinosaur The purple dinosaur Super Dee-Duper! Rawwwr!
  2. Bobsican

    Rhyperior Vs. Tyrannomon

    Props to Cal for the idea The evolution fo the first developed Pokémo has a rivality with the first Digimo. Tyrannomon at 6-C, Rhyperior at peak, speed not equalized. Rhy!
  3. Kiryu2012

    4B Royale

    Godzilla vs MetalTyrannomon X vs Mangog vs Typho vs Doomsday Fight takes place in Tokyo Rules: Everyone's 4-B Size and speed equalized To the death SBA
  4. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs MasterTyrannomon

    Godzilla vs MasterTyrannomo Rules: Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  5. The_real_cal_howard

    Tyrannomon vs Rhydon

    Given that both are the first of their respective franchises, it would be a fun F&G matchup. AP/Dura is equalized and Rhydon has the physiology of a Digimon.
  6. Imaginym

    MasterTyrannomon tries to take on a whole lot of fodder all at once! (MasterTyrannomon vs the Demon Tide!)

    (TBH, I'm surprised the Demon Tide has never been in any matches before.) Speed Equalized. Tyrannomon is in his MasterTyrannomo form. No Digivolving up. (Nor down, in case that's possible or even relevant.) Hopefully this isn't too unfair.
  7. Chu_Minh_Duy

    MechaGodzilla vs Destoroyah but in higher Dimension

    speed is equalised RustTyrannomon was used ExoGrimmon was used otherwise SBA MechaGodzilla Destoroyah
  8. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs MasterTyrannomon

    Godzilla vs MasterTyrannomo Rules: Size and speed equalized Bloodlusted Otherwise SBA
  9. Kiryu2012

    High 4-C Royale Revamp

    Imperfect Cell https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Cell vs Hyrule Warriors Ganon https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ganondorf_(Hyrule_Warriors) vs Dimensional Horror https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dimensional_Horror_(Stellaris) vs WarGrowlmon https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Guilmo...
  10. Kiryu2012

    High 4-C Royale

    Discord vs Ganondorf vs Composite Godzilla vs Hyrule Warriors Gano vs MasterTyrannomo vs Bowser vs Lord Tirek vs WarGrowlmo vs Cerberumo vs Dimensional Horror Arena: Tokyo Rules: Speed equalized to relativistic Everyone's bloodlusted All combatants are of comparable size...