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  1. Schnee_One

    Julius Novachrono vs Timemon

    Oh boy this is going to be fun. Black Clover vs Digimon, hopefully the first of many, speed is Equal, obviously. Julius Novachrono: 1 Timemo: 5
  2. ThatDarnFish


    I made this out of curiosity since all GER vs matches I've seen either end in incon or a win for GER.(The only losses are against base GE.) So I want to see what happens when Appmon Dio goes against the Strongest Canon Stando da DIO Appmon with Avdol's voice : VS Giorno, but actually just GER :
  3. Firephoenixearl

    Let's hope it's not a stomp.

    Limbo vs Timemo You know the saying "age is just a number"? I feel like kek But it's time to rek Speed Equal Otherwise SBA.
  4. Overlord775

    Why don't Appmons have Digimon physiology powers ?

    Why don't they have the soul and min hax/resistance granted by the Digimon physiology ?
  5. Dragonmasterxyz

    Possible Timemon Downgrade

    Finally getting to this. So Timemon is currently is Immeasurable due to transcending space-time statements. Well, these aren't exactly Hyperbole, but there is some missing context. So here are the statements; An Appmon with the rare ability to transcend the flow of time and space. It is...
  6. PaChi2

    Let's see if Cal was right: -mon vs Yhwach

    Maybe I overdid it. Most likely tbh. Timemo vs Full Power Yhwach SBA Speed equal Thoughts? Yep.
  7. Schnee_One

    Timemon vs Accelerator

    So I noticed Accelerator had a good win/loss ratio, let's see if this changes. To Aru Majutsu No Index vs Digimon (This title is brought to you in part by Dragonmasterxyz) Speed is Equalized, Post WW3 6C Accelerator, fight in the city. Timemo: 2 Accelerator:
  8. Dragonmasterxyz

    Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken) vs Timemon

    Since Dobermon is no longer an option. We'll go with the Digimon Franchise's strongest 6-C as of now. Fist of the North Star vs Digimon Master of the Musou Tensei vs The Master of Time -Ken is 6-C -Speed is equalized -Both are 5 meters from one another...Someone can give me a fairer range...