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the zerg swarm

  1. Not_Icarus

    New StarCraft Content!

    Nature of the Beast is finally complete plus someone was kind enough to scan it and share it online.
  2. Not_Icarus

    StarCraft Major Revisions and Fixes (CRT)

    As the title above says, this thread aims to fix some things about Amon and potentially other pages too. Technology Manipulation for psi lightning and psi storm users - Completely disabled the prison cell's electronics that they were in Resistance to Corruption (Both types), Possession, and...
  3. Crzer07

    Zergs vs. Space Monsters (Aim for the Top!)

    Population and industrial capacity equalized (if necessary) Kerrigan and other prominent members are benched (if necessary) Locatio: Zergs: 0 Space Monsters: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  4. Assaltwaffle

    Civilization Battle! The Galactic Empire vs the Zerg Swarm

    I think this is the first civilization battle since we updated the profiles... So, here we go. StarCraft vs Star Wars! The Zerg Swarm tries to bring down the Galactic Empire. Can the primal force of the Zerg bring down the Military force of the Empire? Rules: The Zerg's Hive Mind leader...
  5. Szutjo

    Tyranids Fleet vs Zerg Fleet

    200 Tyrannids Spacecrafts (and all Tyranids that can be loaded in the ships for boarding purpose and not violate the rule) vs 300 Leviathans (and all the Zergs that can be filled in the beasts for boarding purpose and not violate the rule) Rule: Allowed units production if those ships can...
  6. DerpCity

    Zerg Regenerationn

    I just found something on the Zerg's natural Regenerationn in the StarCraft Field Manual. [1] "ZERG Regenerationn Perhaps the greatest advantage of the zerg's biological nature is their remarkable healing capacity. Zerg alpha-amino acids possess unique R-group properties that allow dead cell...