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the remote

  1. DimeUhDozen

    The Remote (CNPTE) Revision

    This ... isn't a very well made profile, and could use a few revisions. First off, the link to the video is destroyed, so, I'll make a few more evidences myself. Here, here and here, we can see The Remote consuming the universes of Chowder, PPG, and Ben 10 and reducing them to a staticky void...
  2. Sound_of_Infinity

    The Unspeakable tries to unmute his inability to talk

    Both at 2-C Speed equalized Who will win?
  3. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Uhmm... I have another question concerning The Remote ?

    My TV Remote is too OP . On the profile it says he destroys all CN Verses. This is true because i remember them saying such and definitely implying it. However, when i see ALL CN verses, i presume ALL of them. So... Would this "technically" include verses of CN that weren't in the crossover...
  4. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Tabuu vs The Remote

    The Remote Tabuu Yep. I did it. Two entities who appear at the end of their respectable crossover games who want nothing more than the complete destruction of the universe. Speed is equalized. Both IC ( Whatever that IC is... ) , The Remote has defeated the Cartoon Network heroes , and after...
  5. GHG4589

    The Remote Revision.

    In this wiki Stated that the game use the footage from TV series. So, I think that Ben 10 show in this game is just like the imitate version of the main continunity of Ben 10, which have 26 higher-dimensions. And the Remote destroyed all cartoon network's show, including Ben 10 show. I think...