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the phantom stranger (post-flashpoint)

  1. Oliver_de_jesus

    Dc comics character additions

    The Phantom Stranger (Post-Crisis) Immortality 1 existed for centuries this is obvious but good Acausality (type 4; Operates on a different law of physics then the rest of the DC Universe) Power Modification (Cast a spell on Superman that essentially made him immune to Arion's magic and...
  2. PrinceOfTheMorning

    DC Comics Profile Revamps: Trigon, Spectre, Phantom Stranger

    Warning: This is Very Long Many DC profiles are in need of significant updates. I don't mean to say they're bad or anything like that, but there are certain issues that should be resolved. For starters, many profiles have a complete lack of justification/scans for abilities. Case in point...
  3. Setsuna_tenma

    The phantom stranger regen or type immortality

    origination from this thread.This thread is to decide whether the phantom stranger has mid-godly regen or not.
  4. Soratoum

    Phantom Stranger's tier should be added

    I think his tier should be like: "Unknown. Likely 1-A". And simply because his fight with Spectre was threatening to destroy all of Creation, which is an outerversal feat, since Creation has higher dimensions. And also, The Presence, who is the God of DC, intervened in their fight, this alone is...