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the bride (kill bill)

  1. Quibster

    John Wick vs. The Bride

    Both are 9-B and at their best Fight takes place within the kitchen of a one-story suburban home No prep time for either and no speed equalization SBA for the rest John: Beatrix: Inconclusive:
  2. Ong.ruixiang

    Shouldn't the speed of Beatrix Kiddo be stated as combat & reactions?

    Since what was stated about her speed mainly shows "killing her foes, slicing a baseball moving in the air into half and catching an axe tossed towards her".
  3. Xx.davidparra

    Ash Williams vs Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)

    Both are 9-B SPEED IS EQUALIZED Beatrix only has her Katana and Pistol Ash only gets his Mechanical Gauntlet and Boomstick The fight takes place in the forest in the daytime Who wins and why? Ash Williams : The Bride (Kill Bill) : 1 (Ricsi-viragosi) Groovy.
  4. Xx.davidparra

    (GRACE)Frank West vs Beatrix (Kill Bill)

    SPEED IS EQUALIZED Frank can only use melee weapons no higher than 9-B Beatrix gets all her equipment The fight takes place in a Dojo They start 20 feet apart Frank West : 7 (Jackythejack, Necromerce,Schwxnz,Noel.caliber14, Suenoangela, Niccokirby, Milokilo2233) The Bride (Kill Bill) ...
  5. Moritzva

    The Bride vs The Baba Yaga

    Two truly skilled mafia-slicing madmen/women go at it. The Bride (Kill Bill): John Wick: 1 (Goji) Ikki Cries in Shame: Beatrix was framed for the murder of John Wick's dog. John Wick was framed for the murder of Beatrix's husband and friends. Both have a day of prep time and start on...
  6. Ἔρυθρος

    The Bride (Kill Bill) vs Rousai Azuki

    The Bride (Kill Bill) vs Rousai Azuki Beatrix has only her katana, otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions are used. The Bride Rousai Azuki The Bride: 0 Rousai Azuki: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. Hunterzillas

    Kill Bill: Ratings and Questions

    So not really a full CRT, or downgrade, but I do have just a three questions about these guy's ratings. 1. Does Beatrix really deserve her Wall level ratings? I don't know what the general consensus is on wall level or where it stands, so maybe her cutting the other katana with her sword means...

    The Bride (Kill Bill) vs Miho

    Fight to the death. No prep. Both have their standard equipment. The Bride Miho