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  1. Pepsiman25th

    Apus vs Borus

    Strelizia (true apus) vs lord boros ship some space pirates ran into a giant girl battle takes place in space speed equal 6-B vs Low 6-B who wins? Big lady: Big ship: incon:
  2. Arceus0x

    Height in profiles revision/discussion

    In the profiles of Darling in the franxx we have heights written down, even for the pilots. Idk why but we do. Is this something we need to have or is it unnecessary? Because if it's unnecessary then let's remove it, if it's not then let's begin slowly adding the heights of different monsters...
  3. Ionliosite

    Battle of Waifus: Gainax sues Trigger once again

    Asuka vs Zero-Two Both are 7-A Speed equal SBA Who wins and why?
  4. Bigdongus

    Huge power difference between calc and profile for Strelitzia?

    There was a blog that has Strelitzia at star level, but the profile has her at large planet level, I’m wondering why. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Numbersguy/Darling_in_the_Franxx:_Explosions_from_space
  5. TheEternalMoment

    Demonbane Vs Strelitzia

    Demonbane Vs Strelitzia Early Game Demonbane Base Strelitzia Speed is equalized
  6. Cultivator_Daemon

    Strelitzia VS. Yoshino

    - Base Strelitzia and Spirit Form (Low 7-C) Yoshino. - In-Character. - Speed is equalized. Strelitzia: Himekawa Yoshino: Inconclusive:
  7. Crzer07

    Gainax sues Trigger (for real this time)

    Gunbuster vs Strelitzia Complete Gunbuster True Apus Strelizia Speed Equalized Fight takes place in space
  8. Phoenks

    Orochi(One Punch Man) vs Strelitzia (Red Transformation)

    Starts 400 meters away. Speed Equalized. Who wins and why? Orochi: 1 (SpookyShadow) Strelitzia: Inconclusive:
  9. VersusJunkie54

    A Mecha fights a Rabid Fox

    I watched Darling in the Franxx, and loved it. I'm surprised that it's actually kinda obscure on this site. But oh well. This is red Strelitzia vs Three Tailed Naruto. (The one that fought Orochimaru) But Naruto can continue to grow more tails in this fight. Strelitzia is 355 megatons and I...
  10. Chronoaiswaifu

    5 teenagers with attitude fight a girl with a sweet tooth and her darling

    "It's morphin time": Honey and darling: True Apus vs base Dino Megazord Speed = Fight takes place in angel grove
  11. Numbersguy

    Nominate the best girl of 2018

    Because why not? Rules: Only girls who debuted on 2018, if the girl comes from an adaptation who is earlier than 2018, she does not count either No "dudes dressed as ladies" Keep it civil, even the fan art because who knows
  12. Numbersguy

    Gainax sues Trigger

    It was bound to happen Strelitzia Shinji Ikari Berserk mode is banned Red Strelitzia They fight in a desert. Face to face Speed equalized No knowledge of each other
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Zero Two fights someone canonically weaker than Zero Two

    Strelitzia vs Kracko. 5-A for both. Get it? Because Kracko <<<<<<< Zero-Two
  14. Numbersguy

    A horny girl and her boyfriend remake Pacific Rim

    Because I love innuendos. Godzilla Earth Strelitzia Red Strelitzia, 7-A key 2030 Godzilla, aka the small one (50 meters one) Speed equalized They fight on the middle of a desert. Face to face Neither Hiro nor Zero-Two know anything about Godzilla The battle ends when both Zero-Two and...