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souji tendou

  1. Jamesthetaker

    (GRACE END) Superman attempt to take down an narcissist man.

    Superman (DC Animated Movies) VS Souji Tendou Speed equalized In-character. Take place in a neutral ground. Who would win? And Why? Sup is baseline via being stronger than high-end 8-A. Tendou is 1.342 kilotons.
  2. Offin

    Why Kamen Rider Kabuto has no time manipulation ability???

  3. Saint_rider_890

    Hyper Kabuto Speed

    http://*********.ch/Drama/Kamen-Rider-Kabuto/Episode-43?id=12739 http://*********.ch/Drama/Kamen-Rider-Kabuto/Episode-44?id=12740 In episode 43 around 15.30 -16.00 Renge say ' Uchu' then episode 44 around 03.26 - 03.33 Tendou say 'Uchu' too . Uchu = Universe but also Space and Cosmos ...
  4. Fractyl

    Flash vs. Kamen Rider Kabuto

    Though to give this a try for kicks. Essentially, this is a battle between two scarlet speedsters who both altered their personal timelines and their world. For those unfamiliar with Kamen Rider Kabuto, you can check out his prequel movie. The final fight sequence that displays his speed and...