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  1. StrymULTRA

    1 Billion Lions vs all the Pokémon, BUT...

    Yes, let's bring this cursed Reddit thing even here However, since literally any Tier 6 and above can solo them all with like no effort, let's put some rules shall we? Speed equal in all rounds and anyone collaborates to take down the opposite team. Location: Minecraft verse R1: 1 Billion...
  2. PowerPikachu2

    Simba cub/adult keys and Broadway Force

    I decided to look into Simba's profile, and I feel like it needs some updates. First and foremost, I believe Simba should have Broadway Force, being a Disney character this is a recurring power. My favorite example is "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" [1]. This is a time where someone actively uses...
  3. Jackythejack

    Simba vs. Lion

    So completely irrelevant- i don't think Speed needs to be equalized. Who wins and why. Simba Lion (Real World)
  4. Ted_Ed

    Mufasa vs Simba

    9-B forms. Speed equal.
  5. Kiryu2012

    Liger vs Simba

    Liger vs Simba Fight takes place in the Pride lands.
  6. Jasonsith

    Disney Movie Discussion Thread

    Discuss anything related to Disney movies (esp. those live action ones) Lion King (2019) is going to be out soon. What do you feel?
  7. Numbersguy

    Simba vs Shere Khan

    Time for a nostalgia bomb dudes! Simba Shere Kha They fight on a savannah. Both are bloodlusted No prep or knowledge
  8. Peppypony

    Balto VS Simba

    Removed my Balto icon just incase someone calls out biased on me. I like both films. Simba's faster so that'll make it less of a stomp with Balto's attack potency being higher. I dunno how popular this is gonna be since Balto isn't a very popular film franchise. Balto's profile Simba's...
  9. Numbersguy

    Simba, Sabor and Shere Khan vs 5 Velociraptors

    Who wins, big cats or dinosaurs? Swiggity Swooty, she is coming for that booty Simba Sabor (Disney) Shere Kha Velociraptor (Jurassic Park) They fight on a savannah Everyone is bloodlusted
  10. Numbersguy

    Tarzan vs Simba

    Can the king of the apes defeat the king of the Pride Rock? Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FvdGj7pv1I Aaaaah-ah-ah-aaaah-ah-ah-ah-aaaah! Tarzan (Disney) Simba Both are bloodlusted They fight on a jungle Tarzan has his spear