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shirou yusa

  1. NihilDifficileAmanti

    What's Shirou Yusa's power limit? (1-A)

    e.g : Shirou is standing in front of the thought robot. Can he erase its powers and make it a mere human? I would like to include tier 0s as well. (This should not be considered a fight. It's just theories and assumptions on his power limit)
  2. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Absolute Waifu vs True DI Protagonist: 2nd Edition!

    Yes, i broke one of my promise to make another Masada vs Nasu, but this is only once, afterwards it never happen again. I just made this since this gonna be interesting. Well, here comes the 2nd edition of absolute waifu vs god tier DI husbando, who would win!!? -Both are 7-A -Speed equalized...
  3. Muhammedmco

    Shirou Yusa vs Sasuke Uchiha

    The True Dies Irae Protagonist vs The Ture Uchiha of The Hidden Leaf Speed Equalized. Base Shirou and Taka Sasuke. Shirou Yusa: 1 (TISSG7Redgrave) Sasuke Uchiha: Who Will Win?!
  4. SchroKatze

    The Real Dies Irae Protagonist vs The Absolute Waifu

    Shirou Yusa vs Ruler. >Both at 7-B. >Speed Equalized. >Distance: 40 meters. >Place: Gardens of Babylon. >Win by death or bfr. >Morals On. vs