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  1. Schnee_One

    Mako vs Sheele

    Since Sheele's loss to Ryuko got removed, let's pair her with another airhead. Low 7C versions, speed is Equal. Sheele: 3 Mako Mankanshoku: 1
  2. WeeklyBattles

    Ryuko Matoi vs Sheele

    Town level scissor wielding teenage girls. Life Fiber Synchronized Ryuko, Sheele has Extase. Speed equalized, in character, no prior knowledge or prep time. Who wins? Ryüko Matoi - 7 Sheele - 0
  3. Gemmysaur

    Akame ga Kill stat check - Sheele

    Shouldn't she have something like Large Building level; Cityblock level with Extase for her AP? I mean the giant scissors were hyped for supposedly being able to cut Incursio when Sheele was alive back then. It's even written in her profile. That would mean it scales to Tatsumi's original...