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shadow queen

  1. DimeUhDozen

    Childhood Nightmares (Shadow Queen Vs HIM)

    The villains that kept you up at night have come out to play. Speed Equalized Shadow Queen is in True Form Shadow Queen: HIM: Incon:
  2. AStrangeverse

    Mario Bros: Profile Overhaul(s) #3

    I'm here with another Overhaul CRT for Mario Bros. This one is only focused on profiles, since the verse page has been reworked finally. This did take me some time to complete, as it is a hefty revision consisting of 3 profiles. And for my sake, 3 will be my numerical limit for these kinds of...
  3. Foxthefox1000

    Super Mario CRT: Galaxy? I Think Not!

    This CRT will be focused on a particular phrase I've heard used throughout the Mario franchise and I just can't write it off as coincidence. This might impact the profiles somewhat in many ways but what I'm gonna be talking about is the fact that there's a general phrase/term thrown around a lot...
  4. DatOneWeeb

    Adding 3 More Feats to Mario

    Hello. The first thing I'd like to note before I start is to stay on topic, please. Do not derail and make sure we're talking about these specific games. I'm also going to note this first feat is 3-A to High 3-A (depends on how you view Mario's universe). The last two are Low 2-C. Paper Mario...
  5. Jinsye

    Dark Matter vs. Shadow Queen

    More Kirby vs. Mario yaaaay Speed is = Fight takes place in Shiverburn Galaxy Who wins? Dark Matter: 0 Shadow Quee: 0
  6. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    The MCU Thanos killers duke it out

    The MCU Thanos killers duke it out. It's DBZ Goku VS The Shadow Queen! Rules: Frieza Saga Goku at High 4-C is Used with 4-B transformations or items restricted Speed Equalized One of the most underrated Mario villains: 6 One of the most hyped anime heroes: Ness:
  7. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Thanos (MCU) fights the Shadow Queen (GRACE)

    Time for some of my favorite villains to duke it out. Now the shadow queen has some good abilities so now this fight can happen Rules Fight takes place on the Moon 20 meters apart Thanos has the full gauntlet Both Bloodlusted Speed Equalized The Purple Catalysmic Demon: 7 The Purple...
  8. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Another Shadow Queen CRT

    Time to give some more powers to the shadow queen as well as maybe an AP upgrade. Powers Transmutation (The Shadow Queen managed to mutate Grodus into only his head) BFR (The Shadow Queen then blasted Grodus out of the palace of shadows) Earth Manipulation (shaked the ground and caused...
  9. Marionaruto1

    shadow queen sealing power.

    sealing seems to be missing from the Shadow Queens powers and abilities. from one of Griffy's tales, the shadow queen is capable of s╠Âo╠Âu╠Âl╠ m╠Âa╠Ân╠Âi╠Âp╠Â/c╠Âu╠Âr╠Âs╠Âe╠Â/sealing since she does this to the four heroes that defeated her, The demon referring to the shadow queen. Quote...
  10. Kople700

    Son Goku (Z) V.S Shadow Queen

    Both At High 4-C Speed equalized Battle takes place in the cell games arena