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  1. DontTalkDT

    Inheritance Dragon revisions

    So the audit group said to improve the dragon files, so let's improve the dragon files. Telepathy The dragons currently have just telepathy listed. This should be changed to full on mind manipulation, as dragons can fight with their mind just like magicians can. Magic AP While it rarely...
  2. Jaften

    Saphira vs Rex (Game Tornado)

    Rex is on a rampage in Tronjheim and will destroy it if he is not stopped. Saphira is here precisely to do that. Rex has fire breath and shoulder weapons. He has access to new weapons and power-ups but has to find and collect them. Saphira: Rex (Game Tornado): 2 (Christian Higdon...
  3. DarkDragonMedeus

    Inheritance Dragon Sizes

    Just a little something I noticed about the Dragons. I know Via sheer size is often fairly vague, and we had a discussion about making a character High 8-C or 8-B via sheer size, despite being nowhere near as big as the Empire State Building. Inheritance has just a few. Saphira is 9-A via sheer...
  4. DivineTedrius

    Drogon vs Saphira

    Seems like both of these dragon steeds have different strengths and weaknesses, so let's have them square off. Both are riderless, and they meet in the air, with a field of grass below them. Bloodlusted, speed equalized. Saphira Drogo Drogo - 0 Saphira - 5 (GojiraEra67, Monarch Laciel...