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samus aran (non-canon)

  1. Robot972

    Samus Aran fights a chicken that stole her Zero Suit

    Samus Aran (Non-Canon) vs Chica (Freddy in Space 2). Samus is obviously in her Shounen Oh Series key, and speed is equalized Official Parody: Furry Parody: Inconclusive:
  2. Stalker_Maggot

    Iron Man vs Samus.... But it's not the versions you think it is

    Iron Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs Samus Aran (Non-Canon) High 8-C versions used Speed equalized Iron Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 8 Samus Aran (Non-Canon): Inconclusive:
  3. Stalker_Maggot

    Doomguy vs Samus..... But it's non canon Samus

    Doomguy vs Samus Aran (Non-Canon) 9-A versions used Speed equalized Doomguy: 6 Samus Aran (Non-Canon): Inconclusive:
  4. KingEzran

    Non Canon Samus

    What absorption does Non-Canon Samus have?
  5. 00potato

    Bootleg Smash Brothers (Cartoon Link vs Samus)

    Whalcem two supper smesh brudders Pleyer 1 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Samus_Aran_(Non-Canon) Pleyer dos https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Link_(Animated_Series) (9-A versions used for both) "Excuse me Princess" 0 Sam 1 (Sixo) Speed is equalized (thanks for reminding me Six)
  6. KingEzran

    Sabrina vs Non-Canon Wanpakku Samus

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Sabrina: 0 Samus: 1
  7. Ricsi-viragosi

    Yang vs Samus Aran

    Yang Xiao Long: Samus Ara: Speed equal
  8. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Non-Canon Samus downgrade

    So I don't know anything about Metroid, but I noticed a huge flaw in the calc that's used to justify her Low 7-C tier. As far as I follow, it's using meters in a formula that uses kilometers. With a radius of only 37 meters, the actual result is only High 8-C (see the comments in the calc). A...
  9. Missy0124

    Boba Fett vs Samus Aran

    9-a verisions speed equal note this is non canon