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ryoma (fire emblem)

  1. JustSomeWeirdo

    Chrom vs Ryoma

    Chrom goes into the Outrealms where he must fight yet another Lobster ma, who believes Chrom to be an invader and shares a voice actor with him Both are 7-C, Fight takes place at Castle Shirasagi, Victory by any means
  2. JustSomeWeirdo

    KFC vs Red Lobster - Avdol vs Ryoma

    Ryoma can see and harm Magician's Red, Speed Equalized, Both have prior knowledge on each other, Fight takes place outside of a Taco Bell KFC - 1 Red Lobster - 0
  3. JustSomeWeirdo

    Sumeragi is a HUGE mess

    You might just want to skip to the tl;dr, actually, you should DEFINITELY skip to the tl;dr Sumeragi's highball is City Block level for surviving a fight with Dragon Corrin, however, he is able to take damage from Ryoma, although in most cases, Ryoma just weakens Sumeragi a bit (unless you have...
  4. Miles_Romero12

    Yet another Fire Emblem Upgrade. Minor this time, tho.

    Corrin (Pretty much every Fates noble by scaling) can dublicate himself and his allies https://youtu.be/V9B3PXLQAtc So, lets add duplication or transmutation to every Fates noble.
  5. Flames_of_power64

    is it fair to say the Fire Emblem Fates characters are the weakest FE characters so far?

    Just an observation i had for awhile now. There strongest guy right now is Corrin who is only Town level.