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rory mercury

  1. Jaften

    Rory Mercury Type 2 Immortality & Other Matters

    Rory should likely have Type 2 Immortality, seeing as another apostle considered being buried as torn-up pieces or being fed to beasts to be "imprisonment" rather than fatal outcomes. Both of those should count as evidence that apostles do not die even when suffering from normally fatal injuries...
  2. Dargoo_Faust

    Rory Mercury vs. SCP-076

    Inspired by this battle written by SPARTAN119 on that other wiki I edit on. This matchup was one of the first I came upon when I was first starting VS debating back in ye olden days of Deadliest Fiction Wiki. Looking at their stats it seems like an unironically good match. Speed is not equal...
  3. Dragopentling

    Violet Evergarden vs Rory Mercury

    A maiden and formerly a terrifying killer, raised as an orphan as a tool of war, and who now opposes the idea of fighting to kill VS A priestess who gave up her humanity for immortality, and is compelled to kill no matter what. (NOTE: Violet's 9A format with Witchcraft will be utilized here...
  4. Nico-v11

    Guts vs Rory Mercury

    A very interesting fight if you ask me. Guts' Golden Age version is being used. Speed is equalized of course. This is my first time added pictures for a thread so my bad if they don't come out well
  5. Sir_Ovens

    Deadpool vs Rory Mercury

    Deadpool can't teleport. Both are bloodlusted. (Or, just lusted in Rory's case) Win by death (if even possible) or incapitation. The Loli Goddess of Death The Merc with a Mouth
  6. Gemmysaur

    Rory Mercury (GATE) vs Captain America (616)

    Cap has his Shield and is in-character but aiming to kill in this fight Rory has her Halberd and is in-character which is always aiming to kill in any fight Win by KO, Incap, death Scenario : A Gate has opened in New York and citizens from both lands are causing a commotion. Both combatants...