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roboute guilliman

  1. Crabwhale

    38,000 Years Into the Grimdark Future: The Long Awaited Warhammer Revisions Part 1 (of many)

    Hello one and all, and welcome to the long-awaited 40k revisions. Yes, I know, it has been ages, and lots of stuff that needs to be tackled probably won’t be for the moment. But, alas, such is the scale that the only way these revisions can be pushed through is in relatively bite-sized chunks...
  2. Legeo364

    What happens if Venuzdoa hits the Emprah's sword?

    Basically during a swordfight, Roboute and Anos clash their swords. What happens if a concept-destroying sword hits a sword that straight-up ignores durability?
  3. AWalkingTalkingJoJoReference

    Ultimate Kars meets the Resurrected Primarch Roboute Guilleman

    Battle starts 20 meters apart, speed is equalized. Guilleman is resurrected, has standard wargear, and is solo. Kars is Ultimate, and is solo. Battle takes place on an open battlefield on MacCragge, Guilleman has just been resurrected and Ultimate Kars has crashed down in front of him. Who wins?
  4. Offin

    Roboute Gulliman VS Accelerator

    Gulliman Reborn VS Platinum Wings Speed equalized SBA is being used
  5. EmperorRorepmeThree

    Guilliman vs SCP 682.

    I disagree with the outcome because if Guilliman erases SCP with the Emperor's Sword. (It's High 1-B Erasure) I don't think SCP can blow up the universe.
  6. Sans2345

    A Hard To Kill Lizard Fights A Lord Commander

    Roboute Guillima Vs SCP-682 Speed Is Equel This Is Gonna Be Good Immortal lizard thingy
  7. Sir_Ovens

    Leaders of a New Hope

    A Legend vs The Victorious Dark Empire Luke and Reborn Guilliman. Speed equalized if needed. Win via SBA. This will be good.
  8. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    Warhammer 40k: Added Resistances

    Heads up, not going to be posting quotes in the OP. I can provide some if needed later, but the vast majority are extremely long and brief descriptions do the feats themselves just as much justice. So currently, all Primarchs have universal resistance to the following; Magic, Mind Manipulation...
  9. Ottermonk

    Roboute Guilliman vs Samus Aran

    Often compared to the Sons of the Emperor, how well does the Chozo Enhanced Bounty Hunter stand up to the Primarch of the Ultramarines Legions? Roboute Guillima during the Heresy Era (5-A) vs Samus Ara in the Legendary Varia Suit (5-B) Can Samus's varied and larger arsenal beat out Guilliman's...