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ritsuka fujimaru

  1. Wdinatx

    Ritsuka Fujimaru Additions

    Ok, I’m really bad at this kind of thing so I was hoping someone else would do it but because there hasn’t been anything on the topic in so long I’m going to try my best to finally address at least some of the many things missing from Ritsuka’s page: Social Influencing: In addition to the...
  2. Expectro2000xxx

    Crt to add a calculation to a character durability

    I thought about some more elaborate title or with doble meaning, but a direct approach like this is likely better. Fujimaru Ritsuka just got this calculation that upgrades his durability to 8-C, this doesn't affect any other character nor other stats (no reason to scale to ap).
  3. Expectro2000xxx

    Fujimaru Ritsuka Supernatural Luck

    Well, just recently finished to watch Fate Samurai Remnant and while Iori is certainly amazing, I felt the desire to show some appreciation for Ritsuka so I'm posting this idea I had since long ago. Up until this this point the story of Fate Grand Order have come really far, with the game...
  4. Expectro2000xxx

    Helena vs Gardevoir

    Mega Gardevoir, 100 Meters apart, speed equal, in a pokemon stadium. In case that you think it's a stomp recommend others servants and pokemons to use instead. Helena: 0 vs Ash and Gardevoir: 0
  5. Expectro2000xxx

    Prota vs Prota (1-0-7)

    Prota-kun vs Gudako or Gudao, I think the fight could vary depending of what prota of fate is used, so that's why I mention it. Both 9-C, speed equal? 100 meters apart. Fate Prota: 1 vs Prota: 0 Inco: 7
  6. Expectro2000xxx

    Master vs Trainer, but by themselves (Ritsuka vs Ash 7-2-0)

    I would like to do a match between the two with their servants and pokemons but don't know what of them use to let it be a fair fight, so until I find my answer they are gonna fight without them. Both at 9-B, speed equal, 10 meters apart, win via whatever. Edit: Forgot to mention, Ritsuka don't...
  7. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Ritsuka Key Revisions

    We have summoning on Ritsuka's page, so we should put a "Varies between Wall Level and Large Planet Level [or whatever the strongest servant she can summon is] via summoning" key on their profile. other characters with summoning have keys for their summoning. Maybe we should clarify that she...
  8. Creaturemaster971

    Possible physical upgrade for Ritsuka

    Small thing, but Ritsuka is currently listed as Human level physically, despite the fact that he apparently regularly does finger push-ups, is quite muscular, kicked a fully-armored roman soldier through the air, and regularly hikes through huge singularities, fighting constantly, with no...