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rinslet laurenfrost

  1. Huesito88

    Weiss Schnee vs Rinslet Laurefrost

    Thanks to the downgrade from 8-A this is now possible This is Vol 4-5 Weiss Speed is equalized Weiss: Rinslet: 3
  2. Huesito88

    A ice elementalist fights a ice spirit with two personalities

    Speed is equalized Theme https://youtu.be/ARXyWcAWNMY Battle takes place in Antarctica Yoshino: 6 Rinslet:
  3. GoldenScorpions

    Massive Blade Dance Revision

    Alright, I think it's high time to do this. I finally caught up to the latest volume of the Light Novel and I'm slightly more free now, so I can invest myself more in this. I created the Blade Dance profiles about a year and half ago when I first arrived on the wikia, and let's just say I was...
  4. Professor_Voodoo

    Weiss Schnee vs Rinslet Laurenfrost

    This fight will be chilly.... Speed Equalized Victory via Death/Permanent Incapacitation Location: Sherbet Land (Mario Kart 8 Version)