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rider (fate/stay night)

  1. Rider: Fate Stay Night CRT

    I am new here so sorry if I make mistakes. I was reviewing the Fate stay Night Visual Novel and came across this. Multiple times as shown in this links https://ibb.co/qC50HZZ https://ibb.co/YyXN2TP https://ibb.co/7QkwdcQ It is clearly stated that Rider with her Noble Phantasm Bellerophon was an...
  2. ThePerpetual

    Minor Servant Lifting Strength Upgrades

    Keeping this short, and to the point: as is, the Lifting Strength of Servants, on our Nasuverse/Fate pages, is somewhat lacking, essentially scaling everyone to the same Class 25 feat that Saber performed in Fate/Zero. In accordance with this calculatio (at least, assuming no objections arise...
  3. Jinsye

    Medusa vs. Medusa

    Yay Kid Icarus fights. Breaker Gorgon is on. Speed is = Both are 6-C Who wins? Best Girl: 0 Big Tiddy Goth GF: 0
  4. SuperKamiNappa

    Rider vs. Rider: Medusa vs. Iskandar

    Strength: B, Endurance: D, Agility: A, Mana: B, Luck: E, NP: A+ Strength: B, Endurance: A, Agility: D, Mana: C, Luck A+, NP: A++ Sakura Medusa Iskandar who wins and why?
  5. Maimaitan

    Juvia Lockser VS Rider ( Fate/Stay Night )

    Juvia Lockser Pre-Timeskip vs Rider (Fate / stay night) vß╗øi Cybele Cß║Ñp bß║¡c: 7-C Nhß╗Å hãín Hypersonic Rider Juvia
  6. Dpool570

    Boa Hancock (One Piece) vs Rider Medusa (Fate/Stay Night)

    The Snake Princess of One Piece faces The Bewitching Black Serpent of Fate -Speed Equalized -Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins and why? Boa Hancock: 0 Rider: 2
  7. Venom_Gia_the_Spider

    Rider (Fate/Stay Night) vs. Monsoon (MGR)

    Both in character, Location is outside World Marshal, 20-25 meters away from each other. Shoot.