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  1. DontTalkDT

    Let's finally fix the Accelerator scaling (To Aru)

    Personally, I would still rather not backwards scale, but as it turns out I just am never in the mood to have that debate... so let's at least make profiles consistent for now. For those not familiar with vs battles toaru history: Accel got upgrades ages ago and due to various reasons profiles...
  2. EternallyAlone

    So, is there characters out there that could do the pull-back method on this guy?

    Is there any character in fiction that at least has a understanding of physics and body control and coordination that can use Accelerator's Shield against him? I'm still trying to understand his power but it seems like nobody can even lay a finger on him.
  3. PaChi2

    The voices told me: Muk(uro) vs Rensa

    Mukuro Hoshimiya vs Rensa If anyone is wondering, High 6-C versions. SBA Speed equal
  4. Schnee_One

    White Winged Wraiths: Zeref Dragneel vs Rensa

    Why does Rensa never get used?! Does anyone realize how ridiculous this character is? Well such an interesting character deserves a match. Rensa starts as Accelerator, Zeref is White and 6A, speed is Equalized. Rensa: 2 Zeref Dragneel: 3
  5. Zhaoshuais

    Ainz Ooal Gown VS Rensa

    Rensa begins with Accelerator's esper ability. Of course,"death" can not take effect to a cyborg,as she is not a living creature,and Accelerator's ability can protect her from almost any attack from Ainz.Time stop may be effective,but vector shield is still there,and Ainz can not maintain time...
  6. Thebluedash

    Rensa vs Kenshiro