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ranma saotome

  1. MrHazama

    Revising the Ranma 1/2 Verse

    Okay, since I haven't gotten anything from the Q&A about this subject, so I decided to bring it here Ranma 1/2 on this site needs not only some more characters, but even some proper revisions, since I'm sure Ranma's profile is probably outdated Now I'm new, so I have no experience doing...
  2. MrHazama

    Ranma 1/2 Profiles

    So there seems to be only Ranma Saotome on this site. Should we revive the verse and if so, would Ranma's scaling be deemed "accurate"?
  3. Mr. Bambu

    Battle of the Martial Artists: Ranma Saotome vs Misao Kusakabe (8-B Tournament)

    Ranma Saotome vs Misao Kusakabe Part of the 8-B Tournament going o Speed is equalized, both are victorylusted (as in, will employ what they believe will guide them to victory). Starting range of 20 meters. Who wins? Ranma: 4 (TacticalNuke002, Agnaa, Celestial Pegasus, Phoenix821) Misao...
  4. HST_Master

    You're a Guy!? Naruto vs Ranma!

    BoS Naruto Battle at the Tendo Training Dojo Speed Equalized Summoning Restricted Ranma:0 Naruto:0
  5. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Rock Lee vs Ranma Saotome

    vs 8-B versions, Speed equalized, eight gates restricted Suiken vs Kachü Tenshin Amaguriken or Nekoken allowed Rock: Ranma:4 Tie: FIGHT!!!
  6. ZacharyGrossman273

    Ranma VS Voldemort

    The Dark Lord Both at 8-B Speed equal
  7. Xenomorphios

    Ranma Saotome vs Master Roshi

    Both are in character 1st Round: Male Ranma vs Roshi (Base) 2nd Round: Female Ranma vs Roshi (Base) (this one is quite obvious if you know Roshi well, hint: this weakness is not even listed in in his profile but it's obvious) 3rd round: Male Ranma vs Full powered Roshi 4th round: Female...
  8. DeathBattleMike

    Ranma Saotome vs. Po (Kung Fu Panda)

    vs. Who wins?
  9. DeathBattleMike

    Ranma Saotome vs. Inuyasha

    Ranma Saotome VS Inuyasha