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punisher (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. MarkGoldbridge

    Frank Castle vs Hatred Guy (1-0-0)

    Rules; Hatred Guy's 9-A weapons are restricted Speed equalized I want you to know that I'll do it all again: (Silvervigilant) Scales to 310KJ My name is not important: () Scales to 516KJ Incon: ()
  2. Coolboy6

    The Punisher vs John Wick (6/1/0)

    Both 9-B, speed equalized Punisher: 6 John Wick: 1
  3. Unwanteduser48

    Punisher (MCU) vs John Wick

    Round 1: Hands to Hands Combat John Wick: Frank Castle: Tie: Round 2: Gears Rules for this round: -Both of them have bulletproof suit -No Heavy Weapons like Punisher's Dillon M134 Minigun , Vehicles. Vote: John Wick: Frank Castle: Tie:
  4. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    The Punisher (Netflix) VS Billy Butcher (Amazon)

    Punisher (Marvel Cinematic Universe) VS Billy Butcher (The Boys TV Series) Butcher has 1 hour to prepare Speed Equalized Fight takes place at The Rhine, near the city of Cologne, Germany. Netflix: Amazon: 2 (ThisThingisReallyBroken, Ican'tthinkof1goodname) Inconclusive:
  5. PenMightSword

    Punisher (MCU) vs. Revy (Black Lagoon)

    Both 9-B each armed with a pistol and SBA Revy: 1 Frank:
  6. Tanfer_Ergin

    Punisher(MCU) VS Batman(DCEU)

    Both are armored(for Batman standard batsuit),unprepared and speed are equalized
  7. Jackythejack

    West vs. Castle but better (MCU)

    Yeah this one is better. Speed equal. Both have all weapons at their disposal besides sniper rifles. Fun, yeah? Punisher (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Frank West

    Will Heisenberg get Punished? - Walter White vs Punisher (MCU)

    Cause I finally got around to watching El Camino ~ P L O T Gus' Superlab, Albuquerque, New Mexico Walter White was paced throughout the lab. Something was wrong. Not with the batch, of course, he'd finished that hours ago. But Gus' hired goon, Tyrus, had left about 20 minutes ago after...
  9. Tiredkoala

    Punisher (MCU) vs John Wick

    Both have a general awareness of the other and 1 day prep. Speed: Equal Locatio: New York Streets Victory:Death. John Wick is in New York so Punisher tells him to get out before he brings trouble, giving Wick a 24 Hour limit. Punisher (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  10. BrazilianDeadpool

    Punisher (MCU) vs Max Payne

    Standart Battle Assumptions. Speed equalized. Max: 0 Frank: 0

    Punished and Widowed - MCU! Punisher vs MCU! Black Widow

    Somewhere in New York Former US Marine turned vigilante Frank Castle, better known in the crime world as "The Punisher," had just finished up another mission. Several drug trafficking rings had been destroyed (along with several drug traffickers), ensuring that the streets of New York would be...
  12. Assembled1801

    The Punisher and other MCU Netflix peak human characters lifting strength revision

    Wouldn't Frank be at least class 1 since he can effortlessly snap a man's neck in this scene? The Punisher Frank Castle fight Scene From Episode 1x02 HD And other peak human characters should too? What do you guys think?
  13. Nico-v11


    Daredevil and the rest of the marvel Netflix shows are some of the best series that I've had the opportunity to watch (umm Iron Fist you can join along I guess....whatever). Joining the ranks of Breaking Bad for me personally. Sadly there has been a great misfortune; they are getting canceled...
  14. Jasonsith

    Can he punish this roadblock? Marvel vs GI Joe

    Both 9-B, Speed is equalized (to Roadblock) for now (may change), both start 100 meters apart, and SBA for the rest. Former United States Marine - 0 Current United States Army - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  15. Stefano4444

    Punisher (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs Roberta (Black Lagoon)

    Speed Equalized. Standard equipment for Roberta, equipment from the comic books for Punisher.
  16. Jimbob_The_Fiddle

    Frank Reynolds vs Frank Castle

    Frank Reynolds is bloodlusted and tells Castle that he was the one who murdered his family, they both have their guns and weapons taken off them. Two dragons starts to play. Yakuza OST - 43 Two Dragons
  17. MeanBean-uwu

    MCU Punisher update (Netflix' Punisher series).

    Several new feats to add now that the Netflix' show is live. The following post contains spoilers, of course. Ep. 2: "Two Dead Men". Punisher is shown snapping a man's neck with ease. Ep. 3: "Kandahar". In a flashback during his time in Afghanistan, Punisher pulls the feat of fighting an...
  18. Assembled1801

    Punisher (MCU) vs John Wick vs Jack Reacher

    Three of the most ruthless vigilantes will go head to head. Round 1 Straght up Hand to Hand Round 2 Guns Winner by Death Who will win?