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poseidon (saint seiya)

  1. chosen

    Saint seiya hades and co should be 2a

    Currently we accept Zeus tiers as 2a but the thing Hades and everyone who scales to him should be 2a. Pretty straight forward, while weaker Hadez sword can litterally damage a urn Zeus can't destroy , so he should just downscale from the 2a rating.. Something else to note Athena herself can...
  2. azontr

    Mori Dan (The God of Highschool) VS Poseidon (Saint Seiya) (Battle for 8th strongest Non-Smurf Low 2-C)

    Mori Dan (True God of Prophecy): Poseidon (Human Body): Both are Low 2-C (obviously) and speed is equalized, SBA is applied otherwise.
  3. DontTalkDT

    Battle for 10th Strongest Low 2-C, Medea vs Poseidon

    Medea vs Poseidon Speed Equal SBA otherwise
  4. MrLuk2000

    Various Profile edits and cleanup

    After going some profiles, there are some profiles that needs revisions or edits in their power and abilities First off is Zeus he has Abstract Existence labeled twice in his profile and doesn't have the type for his Conceptual Manipulation. Poseidon (Saint Seiya) has Regenerationn labeled...
  5. JohnCenaNation

    When did Hypnos, Thanatos, and Poseidon fly?

    I read the entire Saint Seiya manga, and their feet was on the ground throughout the entire time until their perspective defeat. If I missed something, do you mind showing me the images of them flying?
  6. JohnCenaNation

    Is Julian Solo (Poseidon) the weakest Deity in the original Saint Seiya manga?

    Julian Solo (Poseidon) is only universe level, meanwhile both Saori Kido (Athena) & Hades are low multiverse level, and both Hypnos & Thanatos are high universe level. https://www.narutoforums.org/threads/aries-shion-vs-julian-solo.1142729/#post-58899453 Yet this guys over here are wanking the...
  7. DrunkHC

    Poseidon Powers

    Transmutation: Julian Solo (a human body that Poseidon used as a host) as a child with no dominion over his powers has transformed a fish into a woman, this woman has the ability to make use of the cosmos and use a Marine Scale of the Poseidon army, she is powerful enough to face a silver...
  8. PaChi2

    Question about Poseidon's rating

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Poseidon_(Saint_Seiya) "His cosmos was encompassing the whole universe" This is a quote from SS Vol 18. Page 148. There are a couple of things I dont see in context: 1)It isnt stated anywhere to be his full power. 2)This is said by a surprised Seiya so I...