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player (elemental battlegrounds)

  1. AThe1412

    (CONCLUDED! 0-7-0) Recreating Predator 2 in Roblox: The Stalker (The Stalker) Vs The Player (Jailbreak)

    A police officer has to stop an invisible alien monster from killing everyone in the city. Sounds familiar? THE RULES: The battle takes place in the Prison from Jailbreak at 12 AM with the Stalker starting in the Sewers directly beneath the hatch leading to the Yard and the Player beginning in...
  2. AThe1412

    (CONCLUDED! 8-0-0) Guts Vs Kirito but it's in Roblox: The Player (Combat Warriors) Vs The Player (SwordBurst Online)

    THE RULES: The two Roblox players mutually agreed to engage in a battle to the death to determine which one of them is the ultimate warrior. Speed is equalized. The battle takes place in the Roman Colosseum at 7 AM. Both are 9-A. SBO Player has 2 fully upgraded Scorched Winters, the fully...
  3. Edutyn

    High 7-C Tournament: Turnip Boy Vs Player (Elemental Battlegrounds)

    JustANormalLemon Vs TheMassivlyUnkn0wn Turnip Boy Vs Player (Elemental Battlegrounds) Tournament Round 3. Quarterfinals Rules: Equal Speed, SBA Turnip Boy: Player (E.B): TheMassivlyUnkn0wn, KingNanaya, LeoEpicGamer8910, edutyn, JustANormalLemon, noisyPitta, PROPLAYEN Incon:
  4. Cul0r

    Elemental Battlegrounds Revision Thread

    So recently, a new element came out named creation, I was thinking what creation abilities would this guy be able to have so I checked a youtube showcase and here are the things i came up with: Energy Manipulation (Can infuse energy into things and create energy) Energy Projection (...
  5. EmbalmerMaster9000

    (Elemental Battlegrounds) Player Revision

    About time I get to making this. This blog might not be complete but it won't be impossible to get input on my revisions beforehand. Non-ability revisions AP and Durability The player's AP and Durability are going to get dropped from High 7-C to probably around or so 7-C based on this calc...
  6. Omegasomeguy

    New Abilities for Player (EB)

    so the time went and new elements came out so i was thinking on putting him like holy manipulation (Angel), Technology manipulation (Technology), Acid Manipulation (Acid), Illusion Creation (Illusion), Chaos Manipulation (Chaos) And probably Weather manipulation via Aurora?
  7. DragonEmperor23

    Roblox vs Roblox

    Noticed they had the same tier so I thought I might try this out. First Key Malgorok'Zyth vs Player (Elemental Battlegrounds) SBA applies Speed is equal
  8. Sans2345

    Sans vs Player (Elemental Battlegrounds)

    *You feel your sins crawling down your back VS Speed is equal Battle takes place in the elemental battlegrounds universe They both encounter each other Music Sans: 0 Player: 2 (Niccokirby) (Jimboydejuan12) Inconclusive: 0
  9. Jacktheawesomeuser

    the player vs robloxian (elemental battlegrounds

    why not?
  10. Jinsye

    Loki vs. Magik Block Boi

    Trickster Magic vs. Lego Magic High 7-C Speed is = Who wins? Loki: 0 Player: 0
  11. Strangeyoshi12

    Super Cool Lego vs Super Cool Froggo

    one plastic boyo can only use water abilities https://roblox-elemental-battlegrounds.wikia.com/wiki/Water grandma ninja frog does not have access to his ash form, but he has a trainer with him, and has a z crystal and the trainer has a z ring greninja moves and ability - ability: torrent moves...
  12. Jinsye

    Monica Pinkston vs. Magik Lego

    Monica fights a lego. Speed Equalized. Base Monica with the Showstopper vs. Base Player Who wins? Player (Elemental Battlegrounds): 0 Monica Pinkston (SCP Foundation): 0
  13. Hyper_Anon

    Roblox Boi vs Demon Boi

    vs Both are High 7-C Speed Unequalized because they are actually similar in speed, I'll equalize it if necessary. Basically Dante sees the player using it's powers and thinks it's a demon.
  14. Jinsye

    Terrarian vs. Robloxian 3: BUT NOT THE ROBLOXIAN!

    Player (Elemental Battlegrounds) vs. the Terrarian. Terrarian has his Siver Armor level gear. Speed Equalized. Who wins? Terraria: 0 Player (Elemental Battlegrounds): 2
  15. Jinsye

    Lego boi vs. Ribbon gal (The Player (Elemental Battlegrounds) vs. Mami Tomoe)

    I think this guy is our first Roblox profile that we've had after we got rid of the Robloxian. Lets throw him against a 7-A. High 7-C Player vs. 7-A Magical Girl Mami If your asking how this is fair, scroll to Mami's durability section. There's a bloody 46x difference between Player's AP and...
  16. Hyper_Anon

    roblox boi vs stretchy boi

    vs Player vs Luffy Both are High 7-C Speed Unequalized since High 7-C luffy is MHS The player gets all his hax Same with Luffy