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omnitraxus prime

  1. Oleggator

    Svtfoe downgrade.

    Prologue. So, to begin with please don't hit me. I don't think exactly that Svtfoe characters didn't deserve to be low 2C, however at the same time reasons for me doesn't suit well. I would like if people in thread wouldn explain me a questions I've got on about low 2C Svtfoe characters. My...
  2. TheArsenal1212

    Time Baby vs Omnitraxus Prime

    Both at Low 2C... obviously Speed Equalised Who wins?
  3. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Omnitraxus Prime ( Questions / Revision? )

    Well... I found something pretty interesting. Whether or not we use it to upgrade Prime or no.. It is up to you guys. Anyways... There was a problem with determinig his tier, but was left at Low 2-C due to lack of proof. Well... I found something that could change it. The "Multiverse would be...
  4. Jinsye

    Time Eater vs. Omnitraxus Prime

    So a living Space-Time Continuum vs. A Space-Time Continuum Destroyer! Speed Equalized. Who wins? Omnitraxus Prime: 0 Time Eater: 0
  5. Errorsaness

    GoD Candidate Toppo Vs Omnitraxus Prime and the Kingdoms Includes the other kingdoms mentioned in the entire series

    Toppo Destroyed the Stump out of anger and now the people are angry Location: Mewni Kingdom Who'll win? GoD Cand Toppo: 1 Da kingdoms : 0
  6. OmniTops

    Fusion Zamasu vs Omnitraxus Prime

    Characters version: Infinite Zamasu Omnitraxus Prime Victory Conditions: Kill, BFR or incapacitate the opponent for at least five minutes Preparation time: None Equipment: Standard equipment. Location: Universe 7 Verse equalization: Speed equalized Infinite Zamasu: 2 Omnitraxus Prime: 1...
  7. FateAlbane

    Omnitraxus Prime Tier?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Omnitraxus_Prime /\ I don't know much about this character so I may be wrong on this, but isn't being a living space-time Continuum simply baseline Low 2-C instead of "At least Low 2-C"?
  8. Matthewpowel

    Arceus vs Omnitraxus Prime

    2-C Arceus. Arceus can use all its plates. Who would win? Arceus: 3 Omni: 0 You came to the wrong Neighborhood, Digi Satan. I am the God of yo universe