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nana (elfen lied)

  1. Migue79

    Teen Lucy (EL) Quick Stats Revision

    Just revising the stats of her Teen key. These new calculations have been accepted, so her AP while enraged & reaction speed will be revised accordingly (to Building level & Massively Hypersonic). Those that scale to Lucy will also have their speeds revised to Massively Hypersonic. Another...
  2. Anarchy219

    Nezuko vs Nana

    -Nezuko Kamado (Pre Evolved Demon) (Demon Slayer) -Nana (Elfen Lied) -Both 9-A -Equal Speed -Both Bloodlusted -Win via Death or Incapacitation Who wins? Nezuko- Nana-
  3. Migue79

    EoS Lucy (Elfen Lied) Major Upgrades

    ÒüôÒéôÒü½ÒüíÒéÅÒÇüÒü┐Òü¬ÒüòÒéô´╝ü It's Migue79 here with another CRT and this CRT will mainly focus on implementing a speed upgrade, many new abilities and many more upgrades for Lucy! Without a further ado, let's dive right in! Speed Upgrade (PASSED): Right here, we got a new calculation...
  4. Promestein

    Elfen Lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

    After watching / reading Elfen Lied, it's become obvious to me that our pages aren't great, mostly just due to a... lack of information or not great information. I got some feats calced, so I'll be using that as a basis for some stuff. Now: The Small Building level+ feat (0.14 tons of TNT)...