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  1. That_moron2

    One Piece: Minor Nami and Kalifa Additions

  2. Stefano4444

    Nami and Luffy's Lightning Reacting feats in Skypiea

    https://birdofhermes13.wordpress.com/2018/07/04/luffy-blocks-lightning/ https://birdofhermes13.wordpress.com/2018/07/04/nami-blocks-lightning-lol/
  3. Backy42


    according to this wiki, nami's striking strength is city level. are you guys actually kidding me? so nami has superior physical strength to adult gon? she has superior physical strength to fishman island arc zoro? she can destroy a whole city with one strike? according to this wiki, she can. do...
  4. CrackerVolley

    A Black Zombie with Amnesia Fights a Greedy Waifu

    Speed Equalized Post Timeskip Nami No Heavy Weather
  5. ScarletFirefly

    Emilia (Re:Zero) VS Nami (One Piece)

    Cuz why not? Emilia-ta: 3 Nami-swa: 1 - 8-A versions for both (Pre timeskip Nami and Emilia after gaining her powers) - Speed is equalized - Both combatants are fully willing to kill - Battle location is the Forest of Death - No prep and no knowledge on each other The bets are open...
  6. ScarletFirefly

    Azula (Avatar) VS Nami (One Piece)

    Battle Conditions: - Combat and Reaction speed equalized - Starting Distance: 10 meters - State of Mind: Completely willing to kill but in-character otherwise Azula: 2 Nami: 0 Inconclusive: 0