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monster kid (undertale)

  1. CuteAnimeNekoGirl99

    Helpless haxless survivors (TFC Civilian vs Undertale Monster kid)

    Both have NOTHING aside from decent AP Monster kid scales to 0.0016 tons of TNT Civilian Scales to 0.0016512881 tons of TNT Battle takes place in Snowden Both have access to their standard arsenal Speed Equalized Civilian:1 (MinecraftHater2011) Monster Kid: Incon: 1 (AThe1412)
  2. StrymULTRA

    Undertale and how Low tiers are handled

    The STATs in Undertale here for low levels are an inconsistent mess which doesn't exactly make sense. Let's see what is wrong here. Sans: 1 ATK/1DEF and is 10-B Moldsmal: 0 DEF and has 9-B durability Jerry: 0 ATK and is 10-C Vulkin: 0 DEF and has 9-B Durability Shyren: 0 DEF and has 9-B...
  3. Funnimane

    somewhat to not at all significant Undertale changes

    Frisk Should have the "Tier 8" tag since they got an 8-B key not long ago. Should also have the "Good Characters" tag removed, in a heartbeat they go from bringing about world peace to making themselves one of the deadliest serial killers in history. The Human isn't a name, they're referred...
  4. Tots_Real

    Domestic Cat Vs Monster Kid

    Speed Equalized Fight takes place underground Fight to the death
  5. Apatheticskell

    Creeper vs Monster Kid

    Creeper(Minecraft) vs Monster Kid(Undertale) Thought this might be funny and interesting since they both are armless whilst still being at 8-C. 8-C versions used. Monster kid has access to his Nice-Cream. Survival test Creeper used. Speed equalized. Battle takes place in the survival test...