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monkey (dexter's laboratory)

  1. Oleggator

    Low 7-B tournament. Round 1 Match 4 Monkey vs Choco Bibi

    Tournament Round 1, Match 4: Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory) (@Psychomaster35) vs Choco Bibi (PVP Round) (Hardcore Levelling Warrior) (@Sir_Ovens) Rules: Equal Speed, today's location is Chimera Lab (which is inside of Murasaki Forest which you can count as forest with a lot of trees). Quick...
  2. AgentJojoBerserk

    Could someone please check this feat?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ_kLnGJTB4 I need this feat checked, and I need to know if it's an outlier or not. It involves this Galactus parody eating the Solar System, and Monkey making him puke it out. I don't know if it'd scale to AP or Durabilty, but I need the feat to be checked to...
  3. The_Smashor

    Low 7-B Bracket R4: Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory) vs Inuyasha (Character)

    Bracket Hub Current Standings Rules: Speed Equalized. Otherwise SBA. Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory): Inuyasha (Character): 4 (AquaWaifu, Genericstickma, ApiesDeathbyLazors, N Kardashev) Inconclusive:
  4. Qawsedf234

    Dexter downgrade

    So currently Dexter is rated at 5-A for the following listed reason Attack Potency: Dwarf Star level (Destroyed meteors and other threats which were going to destroy Earth, though he failed on one occasio) Except he did not destroy these meteors. He failed in both the comic 2and television...
  5. Tonygameman

    Bill Rizer VS Monkey

    Both are High 5-A and their speed is equalized. Bill Rizer: 0 Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. The_real_cal_howard

    Khârn vs Monkey

    Yes. You read that right. Khârn the Betrayer vs Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory). I mean, he already fought one flying monkey, why not another? Speed equalized.
  7. Christian_Higdon

    Monkey vs Godzilla (Composite)

    Both are at High 5-A Godzilla can't transform here Speed is equalized SBA Who wins? Monkey: 0 Composite Godzilla: 3
  8. SuperKamiNappa

    She-Hulk vs. Monkey

    Speed Equalized WHo wins and why?