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  1. Theglassman12

    Final Fantasy 1-6 major revisions

    Alright, this has been a LONG time coming, with this revisions we can at least have FF1-6 be filled with good up to date pages instead of the mess they're in right now (more specifically 4 and 6). With that out of the way, let's begin. General FF1-6 revisions Everyone that can use magic, and...
  2. Theglassman12

    Final Fantasy 3 revisions

    Well this is long overdue, might as well get this out of the way so the pages would be cleaned up. Tiering Let's get the tiering out of the way. First off the MHS+ calc is not exactly up to snuff with the ratings we have for speed. The calc has Bahamut's speed at 72,041 m/s. And doing basic...
  3. FanSyst

    FFIII: Are the warriors of light immortal?

    Before entering the world of darkness, they are killed by CoD and subsequently revived by Doga and Unei. Doga and Unei mention that now their souls and energies were with the warriors of light. Previously, Doga and Unei (before dying at the hands of the warriors) themselves mention that...
  4. PaChi2

    How can you add a theme music to a thread?

    I remember that was a thing, but I forgot how it was done. Any help? If anyone wonders about the tags, it's just to make this thread easier to search for myself.
  5. HST_Master

    Luneth vs Megaman.EXE

    I've been wanting to make more FF and Battle Network vs threads Megaman does not have access to Bug Style and Hub Form Speed Equal Fight!
  6. PaChi2

    FF III cast key addition and updates

    Refia, Luneth, Arc (Final Fantasy III), Ingus (Final Fantasy III) And then we have Bahamut (Final Fantasy) who, in their III key scale to being > Medusa. Okay, Bahamut stomps the main cast in canon during their first encounter (more like they have to flee because the dragon is too strong) and...
  7. PaChi2

    FF III party

    [Low 2-C Luneth] [3-A Arc] [Low 2-C Ingus] [3-A Refia] All of them have the same reasoning of being equal to the warriors of darkness who can damage [Cloud of darkness, who is 2-C] and have different ratings for that (they should be 2-C for their ability to beat her, but that is not the...