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lucia raregroove

  1. JohnCenaNation

    Update Resha, Haru & Lucia to Tier 5-B: Planet level

    So I was reading the Rave Master chapter 244, and many characters implied that Endless is powerful enough to wipe out their planet. That's right, they clearly said 'planet' not 'world' not 'dimension' not 'universe' not 'humanity' but rather a freaking 'planet'! Guess what? The planet level...
  2. Ionliosite

    Tohka vs. Lucia

    Tohka Yatogami vs. Lucia Raregroove Speed equalized Both High 6-B All other SBA Who wins and why?
  3. Captain_Torch

    Large Country level God Tiers

    This calc was done super long ago and it was accepted as far as I know: https://www.narutoforums.org/xfa-blog-entry/rave-feat-the-first-overdrive.18947/ 171.1 teratons is High 6-B and this should scale to EoS Haru and Lucia.
  4. Captain_Torch

    Lucia's Tier

    Shouldn't Lucia be country level due to this? https://www.narutoforums.org/xfa-blog-entry/rave-feat-the-first-overdrive.18947/
  5. AidenBrooks999

    About the Country level stats... (RAVE)

    Megido is Massively Hypersonic with Mach 1888 attack speed and 1 Gigaton of Power. Endless (Who Lucia fused with) is Island level. And even Lucia has a Small Island level feat
  6. RadicalMrR

    Kenpachi Vs Lucia

    Both 6-B Seems balanced.
  7. TheShadowBeast

    Lucia Raregroove vs Naruto & Sasuke

    Lucia Raregroove (Òâ½ÒéÀÒéóÒâ╗Òâ¼ÒéóÒé░Òâ¡Òâ╝Òâû Rushia Reagurōbu) isGale Raregroove's and Emilia Raregroove's son, and heir to the Raregroove kingdom. At a very young age, Lucia met his father's best friend, Gale Glory, who tried to prevent Demon Card from using the Dark Brings' power. That...
  8. Panemorfos

    Yusuke Urameshi vs Lucia Raregroove

    EoS Yusuke vs EoS Lucia. Fight happens at the Libra temple from Saint Seiya. The starting distance is 10 meters. Both of them are in character, but determined to win. Victory is decided by death or incapacitation. Round 1: Speed Equal Round 2: Speed unequal