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lord death

  1. Alsotime

    Fire Force and Asura’s relation to Adolla

    I was reading over the soul eater and fire force connection blog but one of the reasons listed for Asura being the second coming of the Evagenlist is the following. This quote alongside this quote in the first thread explaining the connection to Fire Force Death and Asura have. Lead me to...
  2. Cyberblader90

    Fire Force to Soul Eater - Death and Asura

    Greetings. Today I would like to discuss an element of Fire Force's scaling that has yet to be discussed in detail: Death's position of power in relation to the God Tiers and how that translates to Fire Force's sequel, Soul Eater. Note this CRT isn't meant to give any definite tier (as fire...
  3. WeeklyBattles

    Skeleton Fight Because Why Not - Brook vs Lord Death (0-0-0)

    Is this fair? I think this is fair? Dunno if this is fair but im making it anyways. In character, no prior knowledge or prep, speed equalized, Post-Timeskip Brook. The Grim Reaper - 0 The Soul King - 0 Sans Undertale - 0
  4. Collerateral

    Soul Eater- Lord Death upgrade?

    So, I checked and found that Lord Death's rating is 6-C, even though in the manga, it was stated by Asura that Lord Death had created the "normal world". So, I thought I'd bring this up since it seems to be a pretty big deal that hasn't been talked about here before.
  5. Dragopentling

    Meliodas Vs Lord Death

    Well I was bored, and I'm like "hmmm, let's try some Soul Eater matches". This'll turn out badly, maybe, though. Post Revival Meliodas key is used. Lord Death is in his prime. Speed equalized and SBA applied. Battle takes place in Death City. Win via incap, KO, or death. Meliodas: Lord D...
  6. Mister_Death

    Lord Death durability?

    From what I remember, he survived an island's explosion due to "brew", an explosion which 800 years later still has a vortex around it. Just thought I'd bring it up, since his durability seems low, specially for composite.