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lars alexandersson

  1. BlackDarkness679

    Tekken: Ghost from the past additions (P&A and resistances)

    As title says, no Tekken 8 stuff, thats gonna be a separate matter for later time, plus most stuff in that game just cements a couple of haxes presented here I will try in the following days to do for other characters as well here all their haxes, the above were easier as they share for...
  2. RanaProGamer

    Tekken Anti-Feats?

    Just curious, but aren't there a bit too many scenes where Tekken characters have to dodge bullets to avoid taking damage from them consistently? You have Heihachi using metal to block bullets, Lars threatening Heihachi with a gun, and guns clearly damaging and almost killing Jin on two...
  3. LakuitaBro01.2

    Lars Alexandersson VS Alex (Street Fighter)

    The protagonists that were made to replace the old protagonists in a respected fighting game series, who wins? Both fighters are at their best, Rage and V-Trigger is allowed