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  1. Lord_JJJ

    Knuckles vs Landia

    Becauae I feel that fight is themic Rules : -Both are 4-A -Both in character but willing to kill -Super Knuckles and Landua fisrt key are used with Landia start in her EX form -Fight take place in the same place where Kirby and his friend had fight Landia -Speed equalized Vote count ...
  2. Lord_JJJ

    (Grace) Kirby 'at least 4-A' Bracket round 1 match 5 : Susie vs Landia

    Match 5 from round 1 in that Tournament Both are at least 4-A, Landia start in her EX form Rules are here President Parallel Susie : 7 Landia : Inconclusive :
  3. Wish888

    3-A Master Crown Landia and Parallel Landia

    Magolor has stated that the Master Crown can let the user rule the universe. We know that he's referring to the Master Crown since he manipulated Kirby to receive it for himself. It's also been stated 3 other times (1 of which Magolor literally stated that he can make the entire universe bow...
  4. Royalty1702

    Dragon Duel!!! Lord of Lightning (Mario Bros) Vs. Landia (Kirby)

    Both 4-A. Speed Equalized.
  5. The_real_cal_howard

    Giant speed upgrade for Magolor

    While internet searching, I found this. Magolor wanders in a dimension beyond space and time for a while before he finds an exit. Whether this is infinite or immeasurable, it's a giant upgrade. Scales to no one else (except for maybe peak Landia), as Magolor is the Kirby version of Solaris.
  6. Foggysniper

    Kirby Team Clash

    Would the minigames be considered during a Kirby discussion? The reason I ask is that Landia appears in Kirby Team Clash with the Master Crown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ux_JSZeG7o The fight starts at 8:30. They fights Landia EX at 11:00 How would this affect Kirby, since if this...
  7. HokageKirby161

    Scaling Landia (W/Master Crown) To Magolor EX

    Once Magolor transformed for the first time in Kirby's Return To Dream Land, he has gained a tremendous amount of enhanced power (or "limitless power"). We will now use Magolor (W/Master Crown) or Magolor EX's current stats (Multi Galaxy level). Why? Before Magolor EX became the beast known as...