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kirika kure

  1. Randomlamdom

    Does time slow count for listing higher speed on profile?

    Context: a massively hypersonic character can blitz a massively hypersonic+ character by slowing time Would that be listed as "massively hypersonic, massively hypersonic+ with time manipulation"?
  2. Jinsye

    Kirika Kure vs. Lapin

    In-verse matches are always good times Speed is = MagiReco Kirika and Base Lapin are used Who wins? Kirika Kure: 0 Lapi: 0
  3. Jinsye

    Kirika Kure vs. The Terrarian

    I just finished Oriko Magica so cool Speed is = Mid-Late Game Terraria and Base Kirika are used Who wins? Kirika Kure: 0 Terraria: 0
  4. Jinsye

    Wither vs. Kirika Kure

    In a Minecraft mood Hits random page button until a 7-C shows up "Puella Magi" ...Do I still contribute to this... fine. I know Low 7-C dura and all but that shittily ranged time slow is going to be most useful Speed = Magical Girl Kirika Who wins Wither: 0 Kirika Kure: 0
  5. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kirika Kure vs Yuzuriha

    Alright let's do this,an top-tier waifu fight an yandere Oriko husbando here,who would win!!? -Magical Girl Kirika is used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in the empty city -Range is 10 meters -Win via INCAP!!! VS Yuzuriha: 0 Kirika: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    PMMM vs Danganronpa (Yes, it's fair)

    To celebrate Danganronpa upgrades, let's put them against PMMM shall we. Magical Girl Kirika and Battle Trance Mukuro are used and speed is equalized, if not Mukuro laughably blizt Kirika to oblivion. Kirika Kure: Mukuro Ikusaba: 7 Inconclusive
  7. Rocker1189

    Kirika Kure vs Hiruko

    SBA 7-C versions of course. Speed unequalized because of her time manipulation if it needs equalizing then I would probably do it. Battlefield in Toneri's moon palace. Yeah thats it.
  8. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Kirika Kure

    Welp,time for give the underrated Puella Magi an match by me,and lets see if Tsuna can defeat this yandere girl!!!? -Magical Girl Kirika and Varia Arc Tsuna is used -Both bloodlusted -Speed already equal so no equalization -Place located in inside of Notre Dame de Paris chathedral,night time...