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king of lineland

  1. Flashlight237

    11-B Duel, But This Time It's Fairer (The King of Lineland vs Sandman (SCP))

    So, there are only FIVE 11-B entities: the King of Lineland, The Queens of Lineland, the Sandman (an SCP), the Disembodied Thought (some entity from "Everything"; yes, that is a real title), and The Ds (Tenchi Muyo). Of all 10 possible match-ups, there was literally only one that can be...
  2. DaSmileKat

    King of Lineland's speed

    I had calc'd the King of Lineland's speed here, so his speed shouldn't be unknown.
  3. Flashlight237

    Disembodied Thought vs King of Lineland: Literally the Only 11-B Battle Possible

    Okay, as the Queens of Lineland haven't done anything, there are only two 11-B combatants on the Wiki: Disembodied Thought and King of Lineland. Yep. Since I haven't really any other choice but to use these guys, this is how it'll go. For this match, the match takes place entirely in Lineland...
  4. The_Smashor

    Weakest character for every tier AGAIN

    I can't find this anywhere. So, yeah. Here we go again! Are they weakest for a lack of hax? A crippleing weakness? Being the only character of their tier excluding one other character that is difficult to kill? Being a slow glass cannon? Let's find out! Speed is considered unequalized, 0...
  5. RRTheEndMan

    King of Lineland

    Can I get the quote where the size was stated?