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  1. Vithal

    Itachi vs Rhaast

    Itachi vs Rhaast Location: Konohagure Rules: - Speed equalized - 6-b Rhaast used and 6-c Itachi used - They start 100m from eachother Rhaast: Itachi:
  2. Vithal

    Hands monster fights a Weapons monster [Garou vs Kayn]

    Garou vs Kayn Two powerful foes meet in the middle of a battlefield One is a master of weapons And the other one is a master of fists Only one can win... Location: Ionian battlefield Rules: Both low 7-C Speed Equalized They start 50m apart Shadow Assasin Kayn used Kayn: Garou:
  3. DemonicDude

    Tier Low 6-B Tournament of Heroes and Villains: Dry Leonhard vs Kayn (Rhaast)

    Group A (Match 4) : Rules: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Speed Equalized Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 30 meters. Location: Z-City The winner of 2019 Low 6-B Tournament Dry leonhard looks to reclaim his title in a first time ever match against Kayn ! This...
  4. DemonicDude

    Tier Low 6-B Tournament of Heroes and Villains: Thundurus vs Kayn (Rhaast)

    Group A (Match 1) : Rules: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Speed Equalized Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 30 meters. Location: Z-City Welcome everyone to tournament of heroes and villains let's kick this off officially with battle between users: Psychomaster35...
  5. Sevil Natas

    2 Cosmic Gods duke it out

    Cosmic Emperor Kayn vs Alien X -Speed is Equal -SBA Egotistical Scythe Man : Alien God with MPD :
  6. Sevil Natas

    League of Legends: Darkstar & cosmic court revisions

    i've wanted to make this thread for a while now, i'll hopefully be upgrading darkstars & cosmic court champs into uni+ as well as addressing some of the old counter-arguments to this rating The Upgrade : now we've got alot of statements that do strongly imply universal+ levels of power...
  7. Sevil Natas

    LoL : Some oddessy shadow assassin Kayn ability additions

    okay so i feel like shadow assassin oddessy kayn needs some ability additions, he absorbed rhaast into himself and took all of his power The additions : Higher-Dimensional Existence and Higher-Dimensional Manipulation Immortality (Type 1), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3) and Large Size...
  8. Lucas_Carvalho_Santiago

    Galaxy Slayer Zed Upgrade?

    So, Galaxy Slayer Zed is a Skin in the tabber to his page, but his tier is Inadequate, Jhin says "Killing galaxies Zed? How plainly derivative, allow me to make you part of something greater That's a Pretty Solid 3-C feat, but, if not enough to put him at 3-C, we should at least put him at 5-C...
  9. Deerofdreams

    Oddessy Kayn weird thing?

    why doesn't Kayn have any of the powers that dark star Rhaast has Kayn straight up absorbed all of Rhaasts essence that should atleast give him something more then ******* energy projection and summoning He should have Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Self-Sustenance, Spaceflight, Time...
  10. Infinite212

    kayn (base) vs zed

    Bueno, yo preguntaba qué pasar├¡a si enfrentemos al estudiante contra el maestro, ┬┐quién ganar├¡a? kayn (base) [' [1] ' ] [zed] ]]
  11. Tapionjr

    Kayn shouldn't be upgraded to 2-B?

    Kayn got a new skin recently and Rhaast is a dark star now, shouldn't be Kayn comparable to DS 3sh/Kha'Zix/Varus?
  12. Angeltripper

    Combined Human vs Kayn

    SBA. Speed equalized. Low 7-C versions used. Kayn has his intangibility restricted. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Combined_Human https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shieda_Kay
  13. Angeltripper

    Kayn (League of Legends) vs Papyrus

    Because I'm apperantly addicted to Kayn vs people. Standard battle rules apply. Low-C versions used. Kayn is allowed to go Shadow Assassin. Papyrus is willing to kill. Speed is NOT equalized. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shieda_Kay https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Papyrus