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kanan jarrus

  1. Savage Opress vs Kanan Jarrus

    Savage Opress is in his Canon key. (8-A) Kanan is in his Post-Malachor Battle key. (8-A) Speed is equalized. Savage Opress: Kanan:
  2. Kanan.

    Why does Kanan Jarrus have Energy Manipulation/Tutaminis on his profile? He hasn’t shown the capability of doing it. Are their any scans were he uses it?
  3. Shadowbokunohero

    Kanan Jarrus (Caleb Dune) vs Cal Kestis

    Both are Similar characters and arguably fairly comparable in skill and force power. Post-Malachor Battle Kanan Force Restored Cal *Battle takes place in the throne room of return of the Jedi.
  4. DCFan100

    Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus vs Erza Scarlet and Natsu Dragneel

    All of them are 7-C? Kanan is also bloodlusted Ezra doesn't have to be in character, so he can force choke.
  5. Numbersguy

    A n00b fights a hacker: Star Wars edition

    Get it? Kanan Jarrus Rey Both are bloodlusted No prep or knowledge TLJ's Rey, since TFA's Rey doesn't have destructive feats with the Force They fight on Tatooine, in the middle of a sandstorm (Get it?)
  6. Shadowbokunohero

    Kylo Ren vs Kanan Jarrus

    Yeah both at their peak Kylo Re : Kanan Jarrus:
  7. Shadowbokunohero

    Kanan Jarrus vs Erza Scarlet

    Both are 7-C Kanan jarrus is bloodlusted Speed equalized
  8. Soldier_Blue

    Kanan Jarrus Force Jump calc

    Could someone calculate what kind of speed Kanan had when he jumped across the chasm here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiAWuXMJAOg (Feat starts at 17:13)
  9. Soldier_Blue

    Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano upgrades

    I would like to note that if these changes are accepted, I will be changing the AP and durability of the discussed characters only and not touch the speed. Speed changes for the Disney continuity of this verse are still being discussed here . Kanan Jarrus is listed as building level (8-C) due...
  10. LordKill90908

    Kanan upgrade

    Looks like Kanan has a town level feat here: http://www.narutoforums.com/xfa-blog-entry/star-wars-rebels-feat-kanan-and-ezra-throw-some-asteroids.36058/