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kaiji (verse)

  1. Mariogoods

    Kaiji Itou VS Tang Sanzang (A Chinese Odyssey)

    Rule: 1. Both are 10-B and Tang Sanzang's bomb is restricted. 2. SBA. Vote: Kaiji Itou: 0 Tang Sanzang (A Chinese Odyssey): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  2. Moritzva

    Kakegurui vs Kaiji: Duel!

    Yumeko Jabami: Kaiji Itou: D'arby Takes Both Of Their Souls: Let's keep it simple. They're playing poker on the roof of a skyscraper. They can bet anything they'd like, but the winner wins. Each player has one day to prepare. No prior knowledge. All the cards, tables, chairs, and equipment...
  3. Promestein

    Kaiji tries to lose a bunch of money again (Kaiji vs Milagro Man)

    In the aftermath of yet another gamble, Kaiji Itou is able to walk away with a hundred thousand yen. In his excitement, and on account of his own naivety, Kaiji does not notice the odd endings of all the banknotes, but it's not like he'd think much of it anyways. Returning to his apartment...
  4. Megaboy_Prime

    Itou Kaiji vs Phoenix Wright

    Poker match No prep time for any of them and Phoenix cannot use Magatama. Speed equal
  5. Megaboy_Prime

    Nagito Komaeda vs Kaiji Itou

    Both are in a match of Uno for a 1,000,000 yen bet, which Kaiji needs to pay a important debt to loan sharks. Kaiji has two weeks of prep time to rig the game as much as humanly possible. Can Kaiji´s ZAWA ZAWA Bluffs take down the Luck Monster? Kuyashii!