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jessica jones (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. Nico-v11


    Daredevil and the rest of the marvel Netflix shows are some of the best series that I've had the opportunity to watch (umm Iron Fist you can join along I guess....whatever). Joining the ranks of Breaking Bad for me personally. Sadly there has been a great misfortune; they are getting canceled...
  2. Camilopezo

    9-B vs 9-A: Homemade Suit Spiderman vs Jessica Jones.

    Who wins
  3. Jeremihe

    Sam Puckett (iCarly/Sam & Cat) Vs Jessica Jones (MCU)

    While on vacation from babysitting Sam stops by a bar in New York. When a fairly drunken Jessica Jones steps out and knocks over her motorcycle. Sam tried confronting her calmly but, she just patted her on the head and continued walking. Sam has her butter sock Sam is bloodlusted Speeds are...
  4. Camilopezo

    9-A Battle: Jessica Jones vs MCU Peter Parker

    Jessica Jones vs Suitless Spiderman
  5. Golden_Void

    Marvel Defenders drops tomorrow

    I can almost smell the calcs and updated profiles ...... :^)
  6. Legion350

    Jessica Jones vs Dracula

    Blood lusted on both sides Speed Equalized Jessica Jones Dracula
  7. Gwynbleiddd

    Jessica Jones

    What makes her and Luke Cage Room level? Breaking walls should make them only Wall level.
  8. HokageMangaVox

    Kon Vs Jessica Jones (MCU)

    Yeah, i when there. lol Anyway: Kon has Ichigo's body. The battle take place in Karakura Town. Wins by K.O.