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iwakura lain

  1. zero0031

    Serial Experiments Lain: Low 1-C upgrade

    The Serial Experiments Lain Cosmology divined into 2 part, the Wired and the real world ( physical world ). In episode 5, the Wired has been described as a higher layer of the real world by Lain mother (actually a wired being) while the physical world is nothing but a hologram of 4-Dimensional...
  2. JediMindTrickz

    Lain Iwakura vs Haruhi Suzumiya (Serial Experiments Lain vs The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

    Haruhi accidently sees Lain's powers and perceives her to be a threat or something idk I haven't watched either shows. They both are 10-C characters with likely universal busting feats so I figured why not. VS (Normalize the use of gifs in VS Battle Wiki please) Battle Rules: Battle takes place...
  3. Botchede

    White Face VS Lain

    Because both are somewhat powerful characters focused on powers related to data. And it would be an interesting fight to see. SBA, Real World key for White Face. Iwakura Lain: White Face: Inconclusive:
  4. Bruce_Reb

    Lain's Range

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOpxP0Z3Dsg Since it's heavily stated and proven across the plot that Lain's powers are directly rooted in the Wired, which later becomes merged with the real world through Protocol 7, which is the function that uses the Schumann Resonance of the Earth to...
  5. Seventy96

    Novel Kars vs little girl

    Kars has all stands if needed Speed equalized Ego equalized In character Kars Iwakura Lai
  6. Agnaa

    Serial Experiment Lain: Omniscient Intelligence?

    Lai is listed on the Omniscience page as an example, however, on her profile her intelligence is "Unknown". This seems to have been done as a result of this thread, however that thread seemed to be about downgrading her tier/dura/AP, making no comment on her intelligence. What should we do...
  7. Kuularne

    lain durability

    its unknown but the old version says ' (after she reset the universe, Lain made it so that Eiri never created her, meaning she had no origin. This was proven when she erased herself from reality and yet still remained).' in the downgrade thread its about lain getting hurt by a normal human but...
  8. Celestial_Pegasus

    Iwakura Lain Downgrade

    So just finished watching this series, and what a big mindf*** it was, the story was very complex to say the least. Anyway enough about that, Iwakura Lai should be downgraded, to Unknown i think. Her current rating makes no sense, her ap has no justification, and her durability is wrong as...
  9. Fused_Zamasu_with_BAD_TIME

    Iwakura Lain vs Giygased Zamasu

    Who would win? BUMP You cannot grasp the true form of Zamasu's attack!
  10. Raito_Utopia

    Battle of the female characters

    Medaka Kurokami vs Athena vs Void Shiki vs Iwakura Lain All character in their strongest form and Speed is euqalized Who wins and why ?
  11. Sir_Ovens

    Iwakura Lain vs Arceus

    This seems like a good idea... I think... Iwakura Lai vs Arceus Incomplete Arceus. Speed Equalized just in case. Both Bloodlusted and start 5 meters from each other. Who wins and why?
  12. Primaris_Brian

    Sailor Moon VS Iwakura Lain

    So I just found these two really hard to kill low 2-C character and that's make me wondering who going to win.. so anyway Miss moon can start in any way, shape, or form that she want and both of them is bloodlusted. so who win? -Sailor Moo -Iwakura Lai In the name of the moon, She will solo...
  13. VJF&RMF

    Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain) vs. Heaven Ascension DIO (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

    The Avatar of the Internet vs. The Manipulator of the Flow of Time who has Ascended into Heaven Who will win? Lain Iwakura 39 Heaven Ascension DIO 35 Either way 0 The poll was created at 17:43 on April 3, 2016, and so far 74 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...