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  1. Angelzewolf


    This is probably asking two questions. There's a character who can prevent others from detecting him through their six senses. (Five main ones and a sixth sense similar to ki sensing from dragon ball). Is that just some form of invisibility? He's not shutting off their senses, just...
  2. AzuRizzz

    Small CRT for Otosaka Yuu And Tomori Nao

    Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to inform you that I'm making a small CRT to change Yuu and Nao's "imperfect" invisibility into "perception manipulation" It's not really that important but whatever. While both of them does render themselves unseen to naked eye, it only works on one...
  3. AshMcXuelan23

    Invisibility or not

    is a character that is not visible in the mirror reflection but they can still be seen by people including the ability invisibility? if not, get what or not get anything?
  4. SemiRaedi

    Best users of invisibility

    Always wondered this since baseline invisibility gets hard countered by any character with decent senses.
  5. Buttersamuri

    Undoing invisibility

    This is a quick question I have, what would Undoing invisibility qualify as? Not just their own Invisibility, but undoing someone else's ability to turn invisible
  6. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Seeing invisible people

    Except that this invisibility isn't bending light, but magical. Is this Enhanced Senses or Extrasensory Perception?
  7. TriforcePower1

    What power is this?

    https://aff5fa4925746bf9c161-fb36f18ca122a30f6899af8eef8fa39b.ssl.cf5.rackcdn.com/images/Stone.2e9a2220eed99ebde6c52efebe6fda3516c20a80.jpg It's the ability to get unnoticeable to a point bordering Invisibility. What ability is this? If someone managed to see someone wearing the mask, what...
  8. LordGriffin1000

    What power is this?

    If I could only be seen by the kids but can't be seen by Adults or those who actually like adults. Is that just a different type of Invisibility or something else.
  9. Dragonmasterxyz

    About Yu Yu Hakusho Demons

    Based upon a debate I'm having on the Hiei vs Lugia thread the problem arises is that Beings like Hiei should not be able to be seen by their opponent unless they have high spiritual awareness. Based on this info I believe Yu Yu Hakusho demons should gain invisibility to people without high...