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  1. -BANLK-

    Virgin Ichiryuu vs Chad Master Roshi

    Sugar daddy vs GDILF Both are High 4-C. Speed is equalized. Win by SBA. Virgi Chad
  2. SuperKamiNappa

    Ichiryuu vs. Superman (New 52)

  3. DBZMLP12345

    Ichiryuu vs Lord Slug, Turles (Post Fruit) and The Ginyu Force

    Can Ichiryuu take down The Ginyu Force, plus Lord Slug and Turles as their back up? this is also Turles at his peak after eating the Fruit of the Tree of Might twice I believe, also, I guess I can throw in Turles Crusher Corps and Lord Slugs Men/Strongest Soldiers as well, so, can the Huge Team...
  4. DBZMLP12345

    Acacia's Disciples vs Frieza

    Ichiryuu, Midora and Jirou vs Frieza, keep in mind, this is NOT Revived Post Training Frieza lol, this is the Old Frieza who fought the Z Fighters on Namek, he also can only transform up to his 3rd Form, so 1st Round is Ichiryuu, Midora and Jirou vs 1st Form Frieza 2nd Round is Ichiryuu...
  5. DBZMLP12345

    Ichiryuu vs The Ginyu Force

    Can Frieza's Elite Ginyu Force take down the strongest of Acacia's Disciples and what many characters in Torikoverse consider the strongest Man in their World at the time of his death? If the Ginyu's prove overwhelming for Ichi Boy, then Jirou will help him out
  6. JoJo_Fanboy

    Yhwach Vs Whitebeard Vs Celestial Spirit King Vs Ichiryuu

    In a battle of moustache's, who wins? NOTE: This is not an actual physical fight, it's a fight of who has the best/most epic moustache lol.