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hank pym (marvel comics)

  1. Yuhady123

    Small CRT for Marvel Comics

    Here the sandbox for Uatu [URL unfurl=true]https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Yuhady123/Uatu_The_Watcher[/URL] House of idea should have nep as reasoning below (copy paste from toaa profile) Nonexistent Physiology (Nature Type 2; Aspect Types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Stands in the highest...
  2. Jason_Courne

    Hank Pym profile overhaul and revisions

    Original page My revised sandbox of Hank Pym’s profile I added a 5-B end for his size manipulation and with weapons Gave him justifications for some of his abilities (nothing too major) Updated his 9-A+ jumpsuit to 8-C possibly High 8-C (Tigra's current rating) Possibly Relativistic+ reaction...
  3. Jasonsith

    Death Battle Season Ten Discussion Thread (1) (All-time Death Battle Spoilers Alert)

    We talk about everything DEATH BATTLE here! Continued from Death Battle Season Nine Discussion Thread (2) (All-time Death Battle Spoilers Alert) Previous Death Battle discussion threads Yep
  4. The_Impress

    No One Smarter: Hank Pym vs. Reed Richards

    Ant-Man vs. Mister Fantastic COMPLETELY IN-CHARACTER. Speed Equalized, both have an year of preparation. Battle takes place in Marvel Universe' Central Park, win by either incapacitation or knock out.
  5. The_Impress

    The Ant-Man Revision

    Entire Rewrite of the Hank Pym page Summary of the changes done: Added many missing abilities Removed keys, they were hyperspecific (like the 100 feet one), pulling stats out of nowhere (Ant-Man key) and straight up disassociation (Pymtron, who isn't even really Pym, moreso Ultron doing a Hank...
  6. SuperKamiNappa

    Iron Man vs Hank Pym

    Iron Ma Hank Pym High 6-C versions Speed Equalized
  7. Rakanadyo

    Paul Bunyan vs. Ant-Man

    None of the other Avengers are around, so when reports come of a giant... blue bull? rampaging through New York, Hank Pym throws on his Giant-Man gear and heads out to deal with it. The beast is easy to knock unconcious once he grows to it's size, but as he does, he hears a booming shout that...
  8. Son_Gandhi

    Ant-Man (Henry Pym) vs Cocotte (Dragonball)

    Both blood lusted, 4-B speed equalized. - win by any means. - takes place in Jerusalem. -votes for Ant-Man: -votes fof Cocotte:
  9. Overlord775

    Ant-Man vs Goku

    First UI Goku and Ant-Man in Overspace speed equalized Ant-Ma:2 Goku:8 Inconclusive:0
  10. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Vision and Ant-Man

    Since we no longer use the Marvel Characters Statistics Scaling, what speed and AP would be appropriate for Vision and Henry Pym (7-B version)?
  11. Kradominos

    Ant-man vs Spongebob

    Henry Pym vs peak Spongebob Both 9-B Ant-man is 1.5 inches tall, Spongebob is 4 inches. Round 1: Spongbob doesn't have Quickster suit Round 2: Has Quickster suit
  12. Hassnain0121


    When he grows so large he goes to Overspace he can communicate with the Cosmic Entities there. IIRC There is nothing about his power increasing. Why is he a 2-C?